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Who doesn't know what Pokemon is now? If you don't... what are you doing HERE? Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) has become one of the most successful translated anime to be screened on TV and in movie theatres! The cute "monsters" like Pikachu, the wacky villians who never win and the PLOT makes Pokemon worth watching. We started off thinking it was okay and now we love it! So... Prepare for Trouble!

Please note: Orla and I are violently allergic to angst and totally addicted to chocolate and coca-cola, hence all our fanfics are silly/humourous. If you like angst, seriousness and depression, may we suggest you try someone else's page as we can't maintain these things for more than ten seconds without going into giggles. Thank you.

Reunions and Resolutions
by Jaelle and Orla

Set eight years later than the current storyline. Ash and Misty haven't seen each other for three years, Ash is a Pokemon Master and is travelling far away, while Misty struggles to uphold the Cerulean City Gym. However they're going to meet up again as Ash faces situations he NEVER expected and faces his most arrogant opponent yet - moreso than Gary! Also starring: Pikachu (duh!), Brock, Richie, the Cerulean City sisters, Nurse Joy (several), Officer Jenny (one), Gary Oak, Professor Oak, Mrs Ketchum and, of course, Team Rocket!

Can you really do _that_ with french bread? (^_^)

A Note About Continuity:

Several people have emailed us to tell us that the first names we provide for Professor Oak and Ash's mother are incorrect. We realise that, but we wrote this story BEFORE the second movie came out, which is where the (American version) names were revealed. For a variety of reasons, we are choosing NOT to go back and alter the fic, and the reasons for choosing the names they do get are laid out in the comments before the story. We also took a LOOOOOT of liberties with May Oak, because we're cruel and evil and needed a character like her. Apparently we also stuffed up one of the evolutions regarding Hitmonlees and Hitmonchans, for which I personally blame Charles Darwin. :-) So PLEASE don't email us about this anymore. Thank you.

Part One: Letters

Part Two: Rescue

Part Three: Arrival

Part Four: Intruders

Part Five: Mishap

Part Six: Confiding

Part Seven: Battles

Part Eight: Confession

Part Nine: Wedding

Part 10: Showdown

Part 11: Epilogue

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