Jaelle and Orla OAQs

(Occasionally Asked Questions)

Personal Questions

1) Are you two related? Sisters?

No. We're friends.

2) How did you meet/get writing?

See the Bios page.

3) How old are you?

Mid-to-late twenties.

4) Can I have more information than that?


Fic Questions

5) Are you going to write anymore Gundam Wing/Ranma 1/2/Sailor Moon/ReBoot/whatever fics?

We write as the muse moves, depending on what we're both into at the moment. We go through phases, you can usually tell what they are by looking at the What's New page and seeing what stories we've added. We both usually have one or two stories in the works, and occasionally revisit old areas of writing if we get new ideas. So I guess the answer is actually, "We don't know, but you never can tell when inspiration will strike".

6) When is the next issue of XYZ coming out?

That depends on time, other commitments, work, energy and inspiration.

7) Are you ever going to finish/write any more of:
a) Catalyst?
b) Ranma 1/2: The Next Generation?
c) Ranma's Sister?

A) Yes
B) This is more or less finished for the time being. We may write more if inspired.
C) Probably not.

8) Where do you get your ideas from?

The little voices that talk in our heads. Actually, mostly from conversations with each other, or idle thoughts which grow into truly strange ideas.

9) Will you write a Dragonball Z/Angelic Layer/Chobits/Escaflowne/whatever fic?

Only if we get a really good idea for one.

10) I have a really good idea for one, will you write it?

Highly unlikely, but we encourage _you_ to write it. We usually don't do requests.

11) Why in your old stories have you used the English names for the Sailor Scouts, but in more recent stories used the Japanese names?

When we first started watching it we only knew the English names. Then we watched later series' subtitled, and got used to it that way.

12) There's a mistake in your Pokemon fanfiction - Ash's mother's name is...


Ahem, please see A Note About Continuity, on the Pokemon fanfiction page.

13) Will you beta-read my fic?

Jaelle: No.
Orla: Maybe.

14) When you co-write stories, do you each write part of it, or do you write it in the same room taking turns typing, or what? Do you divide the parts up?

A little of both. We usually write a few parts separately, then get together to do the bigger scenes. If one of us is inspired to go ahead and write a scene they do. The only bits that really get divided up is that Jaelle usually writes the drunk scenes (because she's had more experience at it than Orla. :-) and Orla writes the emotional and love scenes (because Jaelle can't do them at all. No, really, she sucks at them).

Website Questions

15) When are you next going to update the site?

Whenever Jaelle has enough time to get around to it.

16) Can I link to your site/stories?

Yes. But it would be nice if you let us know.

17) Will you link to my site?

For a variety of reasons involving time, effort, and the lack therof, we do not maintain a proper links page. Sorry.

18) Can I submit a fic to your site?

We regret that we do not accept outside works for our site - it is intended to be a site of our fics only. Why not try posting it to fanfiction.net, or putting it up on a newsgroup or mailing list?

19) Why don't you re-do your site with a fancy design and cool buttons? I'd help!

Thank you. But our aim with the site is to present a clear, simple site with easy-to-read fonts, easy-to-follow links, and as few pictures as possible so that it will load faster. Pretty sites are nice, but a real pain to load. We are mindful of the fact that some people still don't have super-fast internet connections, and want our site to be easily accessible to all.

20) I have another question...

Why not email us about it? jaelle@ihug.co.nz and ladyorla@yahoo.com

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