Never Let Go

A Card Captor Sakura Fanfic

By Jaelle

Characters: Touya, Yukito
Rating: G (just)
Setting: The first Christmas after they meet.
Disclaimer: So not mine

Written as a 2005 Christmas request for for still_ciircee. Written from Touya's POV.

It's almost funny watching Yukito try to hide the fact that he's still hungry. His smile never falters and there's no other outward sign of it, but he chases the very last crumb of Christmas cake around the plate with his fork and you know that he'd lick the plate if noone was around. You wonder why he tries to hide it when he knows you've seen the amount of food he puts away at school. You wish he wouldn't. You can feel him still being empty.

"More Christmas cake, Yuki?"

"Oh no, thank you Touya, I couldn't possibly eat any more."

He's always so polite, even when he's lying.

"What, really?"


You slice the remainder of the cake in half and dump it on his plate. "If you're hungry, say so."

"Aha. I can't hide anything from you can I? Thank you To-ya."

No, Yuki can't hide anything from you.

The phantom pain in your stomach slowly ebbs as Yuki devours the remainder, and you can finally relax.

"To-ya? Aren't you going to have some too?"

"Nah. Not hungry anymore."

As you watch Yuki smile and murmur compliments about the cake (the result of your last part-time job working in a bakery), you wonder briefly if you should broach the matter of his obvious non-human nature. It seems a good time. The two of you are alone in the house, Yuki's near-insatiable hunger is finally at bay, and you think that you've built your relationship to the stage where you trust one another enough. Maybe.

No. Your internal voice pipes up. Not yet.

Yuki sighs and pushes the plate away. "I really mean it, that was delicious, To-ya."

"You want the rest?"

"Perhaps later." He rests his chin on his hand. "Have I thanked you yet for inviting me out tonight?"

You grumble and turn away.

His voice is impish, "Just think, I'll be the envy of all the girls at school. A Christmas Eve date with Touya Kinomoto!"

You should say something about this not being a date. You know you should.


You really, really should.


And then Yuki is moving around the table towards you - fast, so fast - and bending his head down to meet yours and it's so warm and his breath smells heady and spicy and his mouth tastes of Christmas cake and you melt against him which is just silly because he's the one who's snow after all but you just can't help it...

Later, many kisses later, Yuki settles in your lap like a child, and strokes your cheek.

"Merry Christmas, To-ya."

And you close your eyes and lean into his warmth, and his emptiness is gone, and for the first time in months your emptiness is gone too, and you hold him tight and swear that you will never let him go. Never. Though the world may end and the sky fall down around you, you will never let him go.

"Merry Christmas, Yuki."


A/N: Christmas Eve in Japan is more of a date night than a family night, hence Yuki's comment at the end.

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