The Second Child
by Jaelle and Orla
A Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfiction.
Disclaimers at end in order to prevent giving away the punchline.

"Where's Misato?"

"She had to go to the train station to pick up our new pilot."

"The second child has finally arrived?"

"Yes, all the way from Germany. Her plane touched down this morning, and the train picking her up should have arrived about half an hour ago."

"So she should be here any minute now."

"Yes. We should start running the start-up sessions for her Evangelion unit so that it's ready when she gets here."

"Has she trained in it before?"

"Unfortunately not, it wasn't ready until last week. This will be their first meeting." Dr Ritsuko Akagi adjusted her glasses. "It will be interesting to see if the second child can imitate Shinji's successes. Her synch ratio is particularly high."

"That must be her now." Maya said.

"Hiya, Ritsu, Maya!" Captain Misato Katsuragi entered the room, a pretty girl with long hair stood beside her.

"So this is the second child." Ritsuko said

"Mmhmm..." Misato nodded, indicating Eva Unit Two to the girl. "Her name is Asuka."

"No, no, my name's not _Asuka_. It's _Azusa_! Azusa Shiratori! Is that mine? Oh it's soooo kawaii!"

Ritsuko stared at Misato "You've brought in the wrong child?"

"Oopsie..." Misato giggled sheepishly "Guess I had too many beers last night."

"It's mine, all mine!" Azusa opened the door that led to the platform in front of the Eva. "Evangeline!" She cried racing down the steps.

"Uh oh... " Misato lunged for the door, Ritsuko behind her when a cry from Maya made them stop.

"Doctor Akagi, I'm getting incredible reactions from Unit Two! The readings are going off the scale!"

There was a loud rumbling. Then a sound of tearing metal.

"I don't believe it, Evangelion Unit Two is activating, by itself! It's... it's standing up. It's... it's running away!"

"No... NO! Come back... you're so kawaii! Evangeline!!! EVANGELINE!!!! GIVE ME BACK MY EVANGELINE!!!"


Azusa Shiratori created by Rumiko Takahashi. Misato, Ritsuko and other accoutrements are from Neon Genesis Evangelion by Gainax. No infringement on their copyright is intended. The warped
minds that brought you this fic do belong to us, however. Please don't sue us, we meant no harm! We come in peace!

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