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Hi there all you CAPRI fanatics, You have found Karen's home page for Capri's. I hope you enjoy what you find on this page and I would like to hear from other Capri owners from around the world.


Currently President, but also a Life Member of the Capri Car Club Of New Zealand, I am actively involved in the club's local and national events. The events that the club is a part of include circuit & drag racing, point to point car trials, motokhanas (grass & sealed), concours and so on.

My Cars

I currently own two Capri's, and a load of parts for other Capris:
70' Mk 1 E coloured Monza Red (currently being restored),
72' Mk1 GT coloured Port Wine (in parts),
82' Mk3 2.8i coloured Silver.
Check out my Capri's on the photo page.
I can both be contacted at the Email address below.
Keep The Legend Alive!!

Other Photo's of various members car's and what not.

Warning there are a lot of photo's on this page and it takes a while to load.

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