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The inGridX Thought Saver

"Ingrid, a.k.a. WinGrid, is political economy software." 

Chapter 2007 

"    Do you feel gamed by Capitalism's Synarchy and the Quiet War? Discovered yet that 'Sarkomence' means the opposite of 'never again'? Drop what you're doing and marshal your votes for my elegant grid resonator, prised free from Tavistock. Don't ever march into their canon fire again. Your hereby partisan recruiter wants you to download your schedules, alongside his. Create a global grid computer, witnessing intrigues via a global repertory grid. Understand that the 'why' of all 'their' wrongs can now be mathematically determined.

    While ignoring the classical versus quantum bookkeeping disagreement, Nazi overlords are once again dividing and conquering in all classes, those who loved the unaccountable rules of his cash. What Earthlings and the Jihad have in common then is finding out, in a startling way, that the mission of the jews is ending; when his money will only be listened to here, for lifetime accounting, via strange loops in the semantic web.

    If a voter wimps out over this, anytime before 7th September 2996, refusing to be a change agent who ends money as we know it, once again please organize their Rent-A-Spy to view another's criminally compromised line, from this old Russian film. My contact hides without fear pending evidence that this occult power does not breach my legal 'Chinese Wall'. I hope for the best, including a quid pro quo for VB6 programmers, but prepare for the worst, advocating a license against nano-terrorist use of Ingrid.

    Then I see a Richard Dawkins bringing back nano-afterlife to all us Earthlings from Atlantis."

Gamed by Capitalism?

    Who else spotted an overreaction across the world's grid computers? Studying market based grid computers, using a constrained scale and the dividends of semantic differentiation, because few properties normally underlie such prices, I have now seen the ineffectiveness of a 'gamed' price-based grid computer system, via its lower performance. 

Synarchy and the Quiet War

    Bear in mind that I've long regarded the amoral profit-seeking of many countries as a long term test-bed incubator for a secret society. This Illuminati "Synarchy", all the way back to Plato and beyond, is not to be confused with a synarchy made of today's bank-worms and governments, or as in my case the Clinical Neuropsychology Synarchy, or whichever flavor of the day is ignoring my contribution: - see the specialty covered by the Journal of Constructivist Psychology. 

hope in freeware

    My one thin ray of hope is in that the software, being produced by postmodernist coders like me, has the potential to be far more destructive of capitalism; which software incidentally offers the brightest future by helping individuals thwart tools of repression, a little like in the 2007 movie called “Next”.

Ingrid Art from Slater

    Graphics processing is based on a linear database kernel re-engineered from a famous psychological repertory grid subroutine created at London University's Saint Georges Teaching Hospital and the software is named after professor emeritus Patrick Slater's subroutine.


Heads-up on France(2007)

    What I see happening each day to one earth-poisoning country is soon happening to others, hence this heads-up on France(2007). I saw all sides of the human story being snuffed out by the same diseased blanket provided for, by a rigged price system, by the same rag merchant, right now the French president and his new forms of cancerous growth.

Sarkomence != never again

    I saw, "it's starting again" as in the recent French street slogan meaning, "ça recommence", using placards showing only the phonological 'Nicolas Sarkozy' wordplay, "Sarkomence". The term is best described by me using my own construction of quickly muttering, "Vichys-Synarchies-Nazis (pick one) are cozy with Nicky Sarkozy".

Download global grid computer

   Ingrid 7.3.09 will hopefully steer my search plans to you, forming a dynamically flexible, graphically acoustic, externally scheduled version as easy as say putting RadioChomsky into a global grid computer. This and the instructions to get the latest Ingrid-On-Winamp software are ready for download now at

Intrigue in a global repertory grid

    Why is Ingrid price free? What thing compels me to combine this software-only site with my personal family? It's a wild colonial story of intrigue (see below), political action, theory, revisionism, revolution, scientific atheism, mind-uploading induced machinations, and plenty more, enough for a global repertory grid. In the theory therein is the rub.

why is now mathematically determined

    I have faith that scaled-up repertory grid meta-bundles can be made self-healing, using anonymous participation. Thereby any grid can toggle self-testing against any presenting dimension of measurement and mathematically determine what new elements and/or constructs stay in and which get recycled, as outliers. That is 'why' Ingrid led me directly to know: -

Quantum Bookkeeping vs Classical Information

    "With the semantic web, we can now more adaptively measure the subjective reasons why we value everything. Using these new systems, we can now foresee coming a new expanded Earth model based on Quantum Bookkeeping. These models can search tens of billions of records in fractions of a second. They cannot be 'gamed' anywhere near the extent of Capitalism's price system."

Overreaction of divide and conquer

    So maybe one day, a has-been like Lyndon Larouche gets up and cries loud enough that work like mine could turn his radical constructivist view into a new consensual psychosis. He understands better than most the perilous character of my work's instinctive adversaries. Hey, he identified that the Synarchy guides Nicholas Sarkozy's policies into such an extreme reaction of divide and conquer.

Unaccountability of cash

    They do this, you know, by keeping the postmodern 'idiocracy' ignorant as to its aforementioned replacement. They then make the proles fight among themselves using their total dedication to the unaccountability of cash. This is only natural of course for those in this wet work. Losers never fight real combatants but the ones offered them on a platter.

Earthlings and the Jihad

    I don't think Iraqis fight Americans so much as each other. Nor did Indians fight the British. They fought each other over Partition. Earthlings can't fight the factory farmhands. Instead, they chew on each other's festering sores. This seems to happen at every lower level of power so you must wonder about the American crusade to beat the Jihad. 

Power of Abraham departed long ago

    Power is narrative, like in this elder unseen picture, when translated, "A culture, if it develops spontaneously, if it is not guided conscientiously, leaves behind itself a barren desert land." - Karl Marx - Leningrad Film Studios NTSD 1983 - which sure indicates to me that we can be certain the god of Abraham departed long ago.

Money for lifetime accounting

    To wrap up: - Money should ideally serve only as a method of lifetime accounting and not as a measure of wealth or privilege for deception.  This concept has made me free to act as a quantum bookkeeper and, thirty years come 2008, I will have developed my Ingrid software to become a quantum bookkeeper too, though it’s not here today.

Strange loops in the semantic web

    To these words of Hayek, "that much information is simply not knowable in advance and can only emerge through an evolutionary and competitive market process", I say on their own quantum computers disprove that myth, without my own research, which has shown information to be highly attractive to itself. Look at those strange loops forming in the semantic web.

Suicided before 7th September 2996

    Even my crude guesses now quickly and accurately converge, by force of passage, seeing fit to slightly open the door to alternate future realities. There is even one where I plan suicide if still alive on 7th September 2996. Yup, out of boredom in one instance of the multiverse, that'll be right up there on my death certificate.

Change Agent disarms American side

    Another is the typically ignored friend in the back room of the world who will grinningly disarm capitalism with everyone's best intentions of freedom and hopefulness. What say it's as easy as switching one-way streets, mandating extensions to the principals of self-parking to all cars, so they can switch to drive on the American side?

Rent-A-Spy a criminally compromising line

    So in fitting with the intriguing part, and without anymore ado, here's my perennial request as described, on its web form, to a Rent-A-Spy Inc. I only told them of the discovery I made of the young version of a very powerful living person, age 24 circa 1970. The subject is shouting a criminally compromising line in this obscure 16mm film (Name Withheld).

Contact Withheld

    If their morals are not fracked by the price system, helpers are to assume that I fear for my safety should they become involved. Cautiously, while hoping someone might reply, I only give out my first name (Last Name Withheld) and an unidentified prepaid NZ cell phone for them to text me their investigator's email contact.

Evidence of hidden power

    Finding the film title from the first CAM snippet of this film and knowing that, at exactly 18 minutes before the ending credits, he is to find the 30 frames in question, an independent investigator will defer to an IAI affiliate. Foreign associates can then retrieve the original and find just what hidden power it is that America is ignoring.

Chinese Wall uncontaminated

    My point is that, knowing in advance only that this may identify a very high level alleged crime, but not yet the personage, any curious investigator can be proven to have started out uncontaminated, as the evidence demands. Thus I hope to remain on the other side of a legal "Chinese Wall"; finally to reinforce my evidence from this website.

License against nano-terrorist use of Ingrid

    The inducing Ingrid software includes complete open source code under its own license. There is a discussion at about future license changes for those wanting an OP Client or to protect against nano-terrorist use of Ingrid. Such dual licenses can be introduced under the present terms of *The Strong inGridX Free Public License 1.1*, available at: -

Quid pro quo is for VB6 programmers only.

    The quid pro quo, unfortunately, is that Ingrid must be installed before the source code directory is created. It does however not need to be run, in order to view the source, at which point we'll be speaking by a phone I trust. One version of me is right now fighting off buffer overflows from this Beijing IP number

Nano-afterlife to all Earthlings

    Fud stopped trying to print to my IIS server: - swept aside by the glare of the next god of scientific enlightenment. This must surely come as a shock to all Earthlings, to be given the chance at a heavenly nano-afterlife, one they deserve. I vote for the likes of a Richard Dawkins to quickly make it so, and revering to this idea, to my detriment in a hostile world, goodbye. 

Gort, Klaatu barada nikto. 12 min 20 sec