The Wide Tide

All 12 key service sectors in New Zealand are still reporting that they have experienced no Y2K related problems 16 hours into the new millennium, says Basil Logan, chairman of the New Zealand Y2K Readiness Commission in the Commissionís 4pm report.

This was an official lie then and it still is. Were it not for the following suppressed information that was swept under the rug, a manager somewhere around the globe could have been alerted before a major crash on some server. Basil Logan wasn't to know; we were never to know. If this bug report wasn't of value to programmers down the line, why did Logan's site get so many millions of hits?

Email, newsgroup and website problems caused by the Perl 19100 Y2K bug may not seem Mission Critical to some authorities but it has already affected one small life. This bug hit the sort of site that probably a lot of people depended on and its effects were not just cosmetic. The site stopped telling the time of the tides and probably crashed a server side program as well. What if other prediction programs were taking data from this site?

This is a short story of Nuit the Seahorse and a news blackout that is really happening. It is also about another one of those 'other' mission critical systems that is probably gone for good along with Basil Logan's credibility. The tide was out until the 12th of January, 0 Y2G at:-

After fighting through disinfo on the newsgroup, I guessed the following URL to report the above flat site. All the email links went to bit buckets that were not being manned or tracked.

The Y2K Censorship Commission at in the person of Clair Pinder (boss of no one) is reporting no incidents in the communication sector. But that's not true as per the fwd below. (Notice their site shows no information / internet sector; like it didn't matter or something.)

Pinder suggests that the food supply problem for Nuit the Seahorse can be solved by a trek to the local store for a tide chart. Problem is there ain't one. To their credit, some one using Pinder's email  has since supplied Nuit with another tide site. But what a hassle. And, it's in PDF format.

> That site gives the Hydrographic Office's tidal predictions, for all
> major and secondary ports until next October, in easily viewable and
> printable (PDF, as you say) format. How is that a hassle? More
> convenient than having to visit a web site every day, surely.

My eyes were recently affected and anyway I like big fonts and would rather not wear glasses.  Further since my PCs have been crippled and, because I haven't got around to re-installing windows on them, my printer drivers are gone.

The real hassle though was the tediousness that I fell into by reporting this to Pinder. It also took the longest search to find my now defunct tide site but it was a beauty and I was planning to include it in my AI surf reporter. You see, at times when I was in a hurry it became easy to click the tide site to see time in large font always in the same place on the screen. I could then dash for the city and know when to arrive home.

Human nature being what it is, it should be understood that people become dependent on whatever device they use to solve problems. Isn't it common knowledge that the older people get the more set in their ways they become; and don't they like that?

> There's another tide site at .
> Major ports only, though, for a couple of months ahead. A web search
> would have turned up both of these sites within a few minutes (that's
> how I found them, some time back).

Can you tell me; using the above site what port to use to calculate Muriwai low tide as Onehunga isn't listed like before; and what about the currents. I don't know but the site you sent looks good if I can convert it quickly. I've also emailed the site but you may know as well. You see, Nuit the Seahorse's food gathering is now overdue as I've missed a few tides; - where I get her food is too dangerous at other times.

> Also, as you may have noticed, there's a pattern to the tidal cycle. I'm
> surprised that a single web site has become so critical to you.

I can never for the life of me figure out whether it's going forward or going backward; maybe caused by too much diving onto the rocks as a child. {:-|-:} I also have trouble with word families, the sort that has to carry around rules such as how to spell 'separate' and 'dependent'. "You are separate from your parents though a family pendent depends on dependents, etc." Prosthetics for living with disabilities like this are becoming increasingly important and a major project in the field of memory prosthetics became my 20 year goal; which is to get safely into the right place at the right time before uploading my mind into a computer in 2020. Can you guess where?

I predicted that governments would stand in my way, which is why my plan called for me to put the _boot_ in for the (me)ek to inherit the earth, (plus 5% :^), starting early in 2000. Now is my curtain call to action because if I ignore it I will never again be as compelled to act. I will doubt my own recognition. Furthermore, the WinGrid software is finished and ready to sprout deep into the NWO and will need trained gardeners. However while I'm in the calm before the storm, gestating as a VB AI programmer, I'd also like to tackle building a global tidal and surf prediction site using a handful of other sites. Why? Because it was next but one on my list. see

So on this New Years Night, Nuit's diet remains unaffected and we're happy. However the incident officially doesn't exist and because of that there is now a principle at stake; which is whether this web site should remain invisible or whether it should be morphed alongside a parody of the Y2K Censorship Commission site.

Pinder called back and attempted to explain in detail that because the Pearl 19100 problem was not in the HTML it couldn't be a Y2K problem and went to hang up the phone. I tried to suggest that even a server problem could be Y2K related. She refused to listen or say who was in authority and then I told her that if she wouldn't put me through to someone in authority; I couldn't help but suspect censorship. If only because they had no public tracking system and the likes for affected people and their families; other people withstanding.

Thus, caught in a lie over the unqualified official statistics that no Y2K incidents had been reported, she quickly hung up the phone, muttering that I was some sort of terrorist for wanting to put out this cross posting and call for mock ups of their website. I told her that she was digging a wolf pit for herself. She wouldn't listen.

The long and the short of it is that here is evidence of authoritarian censorship and it doesn't matter whether the Y2K PERL 19100 bug was important or not. I'm left wondering if the censorship was endemic to an NWO government planning edict that built in a shield of irrationality into the lines of communication. This is a major failure of the government sector which has significantly reduced its credibility and should be reported. If I take this case before an Ombudsman, rather than complaining, my motive will be to donate WinGrid my Public Domain AI resource as an easy cure for this sort of irrational communication. see

It seems no organization can externally communicate with rationality when it conspires against its audience.

No doubt, some prat of an agent is now reading this and would like nothing better than to anonymously proclaim on alt.conspiracy "i am a hacker" and offer themselves to deface the website, just to entrap me into their prison / industrial complex. One may have done just that within minutes of my original cross posting call.
         Subject:              i am a hacker
             Date:              Sat, 01 Jan 2000 19:39:38 +1300
            From:     (Christopher Graham)
 Organization:              DSE VIP Club
 Newsgroups:              alt.conspiracy
"Hello every one i am deeply in to the hacking scene so
if you would like any info on hacking or government things
get back."
Maybe there isn't a PERL Y2K 19100 problem. Maybe it's just made to look like that to me because I visited Nuit's site a lot. Was it a premeditated psychic attack in the guise of one of those hacker plots the government told you about? But this one directed at me by the government. I wasn't to know this at the time or whether other Y2K stories were being blocked. This isn't a rash claim as it is likely that other government hacker hunters were already after me for another breaking story.

That's about a recent photo I put on the web of a Clinton double in army uniform appearing in an obscure Russian documentary. If not a double my insult is Clinton caught in a lie as a spy.

I shit you not!!!

(long, allow a half hour to read)

BTW, I first saw the image of the Clinton double at the exact time of the
last Solar Eclipse, August 1999, but did nothing until I got the "photo of
all the millenniums".

In olden days people who drew food from the sea didn't have internet but I and Nuit grew reliant on it to plan the day. If it is true that Nuit's short lived plight was the only Y2K incident ever reported from NZ, then let it be so. Then we can all lighten up a little. But for those with an incident to report like myself and to not see it reported is, in itself, life threatening. Sort of like being one of those forgotten eye witnesses to the TWA800 crash; we're in an alternate reality.

All those in favor of openly tracking this incident write to Clair Pinder and say so. Make a collect call to +644 914 7964 as I did or email as here


However I think the Perl problem is more widespread but hushed up.

"j.Maxwell Legg" wrote:


At the Y2K bug has

I'm a VB AI programmer and regularly use your site as it helps me
in the food collection ritual that I go through every few days
for my seahorse, Nuit.

If I can help fix this let me know.


. . . On January 27, 0 Y2G my Soyo 5VD mainboard was fatally attacked by a CMOS virus that claimed the battery had died. Y2K Newsgroups are abuzz with notices that owners need to flash their BIOS. But mine can't because my 1MB e-prom is too small. . . And so it goes without saying that I certainly need to double check. Could it be that it was because yesterday I changed drives or upgraded the RAM to 98MB? ? Let's see, shall we? ?