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Z-axis textbox - For constructs magenta is closer than green and bold is closest.
Z-axis checkbox - For elements Blue is closer than Red & bold is closest. Use 0 for plain black text, check for inside out.

The Z-axis scrollbar is an alternate control that can be used to set in motion an automatic Spin. Currently, when not an integer value, the X-axis, Y-axis and the In-Out zoom, when it is activated, automatically increment their trajectories whenever the Z-axis is rotated.

Clicking the Z-axis checkbox, on the left, causes the features to plot inside out determined by swapping colors and font size. The Z-axis labelbox indicates this with a negative value.

Trying to spin the grid with a negative Z-axis will repeat the same smallchange indefinitely. However forcing a rotation on the X or Y axis will make them continue automatically.

In order for the rotation to continue automatically the  timer value must be negative. This wasn't the case in the below example. Incidentally, the reason why there are no axis lines or construct circles being shown here is because the Scope Blanking checkbox was checked, but the reason why no construct lines "step" to the edge is because the "Outlines checkbox" is checked.

Currently the only way to stop an automatic Spin Grid is to click the  command or set the step counter to zero  and then to start spinning again the Z-axis scrollbar needs to be clicked. For these reasons the new Spin Grid control will probably become a checkbox to handle all this.