X-axis label - for the X-axis and Y-axis use = 0 for all on the line, use Home End to reset each axis.
X-axis checkbox - What component do you want for the horizontal axis. check for back to front.

The default for this control is 1.  Note: - If you set textbox for the Y-axis below 1 Click to see the Y-axis control. then all the features will collapse to the horizontal axis as shown here. (Note: - the textboxes for the XYZ axis limits the number of digits that are shown and below +/- .1 what is displayed is in scientific notation so don't be confused.)

Using the  scrollbar will rotate the features around the horizontal axis and if you keep the mouse button clicked or use the arrow keys when selected on this scrollbar the plot will keep rotating but will stop as soon as you let your finger off the button. As an aid to automatic rotation if the system finds that the X-axis is not an integer  (i.e., just click the up scroll once) then, when you scroll the Z-axis Click to see the Z-axis control., for each degree of  increment of the Z-axis there will be a degree of  increment in the X-axis. The same applies for the Y-axis. In this way you can achieve a full rotation in only 180 degrees instead of the normal 360. If you want to reset the X-axis back to its default of component 1, either enter "1" into the textbox, or if the scrollbar for the X-axis is selected you can press the Home and End keys. You can also activate stage three of the resetClick to see the Rest control control.

Clicking the X-axis checkbox   causes the features to plot back-to-front. The X-axis labelbox indicates this with a negative value.

There are certain conditions during an automatic constrained scroll (i.e., without the click to see the Off control control checked) when the system will automatically invert the axis in order to maintain feature positions. What determines what is back-to-front, inside-out or upside-down is the total weight of the loadings on the axis. Besides clicking the axis checkbox or entering a negated value to invert the axis,  automatically scrolling past zero will reverse direction.

Click here to see an event caused by a WM_TCARD message. (Note: The WM_TCARD message will only work if a CHM is opened from an app using the form's handle to show ownership.)