Accessing the image mapped Toolbox functions will describe the current Windows version of Ingrid. The following pages that relate to the earlier Ms-Dos versions are presented for historical purposes only and to provide a sense of transition of the technology.

When running the earlier downloaded Ingrid98.6, after reading the title screen, you had to know to press any key to go to the main MENU. Following that was the MAIN MENU screen of inGridX which is MAPPED to this Tutorial.

Main Menu


However in Ingrid98.6 the interface started in VBDOS and F9 got you to and from the DOS version. There was a much larger runtime because of this.

But at that time, throughout the system, all input was handled by the Quickbasic 4.5 equivalent code in VBDOS in the following fashion:-

1--At the Flashing cursor you could press Enter to accept the default value or alternatively you could over type a new value.
2--The old (default) value couldn't be edited and what remained on the screen after typing the new value was ignored when you pressed Enter.
3--Throughout the  documentation the flashing cursor was represented by the question mark character.
4--FUNCTION keys were available at all stages during processing and you could go from one function key to another. The only exception to this was in the display of the Plot of COMPONENTS when the only function key that was active was Load. All others during plotting would return you to the main Menu.
5--In the VBDOS Ingrid98.6 shell there were a few limited file accessibility features.