This 1987 tutorial consists of a guided tour through one of my many examples The example chosen is of a grid that my daughter Sally did then. It was her first attempt at using Ingrid and she chose the subject matter herself. The grid extracts the features of her relationship with her learning environment.

I showed her how to draw the grid on a piece of paper and to write down her school subjects (as elements to be studied) across the top. I then told her how to elicit her concerns, factors etc. about each subject, namely to choose pairs or triads of subjects at random and look for either main differences or similarities.

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But first, for those who find this program useful and who would like to help in its development, I want you to recognize that this tutorial is being rewritten for the Visual Basic 5.0 version of inGridX, which is ingrid99 for Windows. There will be many referrals in the tutorial to the older DOS version, so bear this in mind and come back with ideas for this re-write of inGridX in Microsoft's Visual Basic 5.0 with full Object User Interfaces.