The Transpose Grid option is available to save a grid with all the rows and columns reversed. The grid is automatically reloaded in its transposed form with its analyzed flag set to off and any weighting column is lost.

As of inGridX 0.9.3, a special feature exists if the Normalized flag is set to yes and the program is displaying the similarities of the constructs; - correlation analysis SECTION 3. In this event you are to confirm that you want the auto scaled values to be transposed instead of the original cell contents.

As of inGridX 0.9.1 any HTML and XML tags are also lost. If the grid that you are transposing was already analysed and a plot was being displayed then the transposed grid is recalculated and its plot is displayed.

You used to be able to activate this feature from the DOS version by typing the command SWAP in the Option Required field.