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.topic IDH_StyleWidth
Sets Style or Width of Shortest Path or positional lines when activated. OppClick to max/min StyleWidth.

The Style and Width settings are as follows: -

Style Settings

The settings for the Style number are: -
Constant Setting Description
 -1 to -500  Sets the DrawWidth
vbSolid 0 (Default) Solid
vbDash 1 Dash
vbDot 2 Dot
vbDashDot 3 Dash-Dot
vbDashDotDot 4 Dash-Dot-Dot
vbInvisible 5 Transparent
vbInsideSolid 6 Inside Solid


If DrawWidth is set to a value greater than 1, the DrawStyle produces a solid line (the DrawStyle property value isn't used). If DrawWidth is set to 1, DrawStyle produces the effect described in the preceding table for each setting.