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Step textbox - Set this negative for .avi capture settings to scroll +/- an autozoom on the Z-axis.
Step checkbox - Countdown and feature toggling speed. If not spinning, check for "Cell Tracking", then Next or Back to step.

Ingrid now uses a negative TimeStep to synchronize its graphics and
DirectMusic drums with Winamp. This is achieved using Leo's DJ Helper
2.51 Winamp plugin as a BPM calculator and Nudel's General Scripting
plugin to get this and other Tempo related data. Google can find you
these plugins. A positive TimeStep disables the automatic TempoFactor

In order for the rotation to continue automatically the timer value must be negative. During auto spin the abs(timervalue) determines how fast the rotation will be. When the grid isn't spinning this value determines the feature toggling speed. In either case it is useful to be able to synchronize your screen capture program if you are capturing animations.

The reason why there are no construct circles or boxed scope lines is because the "blank scope" checkbox is checked.

The two ways to stop an automatic Spin is to click the Pause or the Reset  command or set the step counter to zero  and then to start spinning again the Z-axis scrollbar or Spin command needs to be clicked.

When the grid isn't spinning and the Step control is checked you can proceed by pressing Enter after the Next  command to execute a "feature find" routine to match elements and constructs with moveable screen placers. This allows you to easily see where an item is, on what could be a crowded screen. Also if you have made the Grid Table visible, then cell tracking will allow you to synchronize these two screens.

When the Step control is checked its caption is set to the value of the small scrollbar on the left. When this value is not zero and the Step control is unchecked and the Spin command is clicked the timer value is set to this value and the grid will scroll for exactly the number of increments shown by this value. This should help automate data capture. Currently the negative sign of this value isn't used and when zero the grid will scroll indefinitely.

The small scrollbar on the left now referred to in Direct3D mode as the Blending value acts as a movement dampener and now when the camera stops moving due to this effect then a randomized perturbation is introduced into the camera to keep the motion from becoming dull. A Negative Blending value will never enter a random perturbation to the camera position. Otherwise its positive value affects how often Solid or Wireframe objects are animated. A Maximum value will always present a Wireframe annimation. A positive value will cause the screensaver to close on a mouse move otherwise a click is required.

There is a difference between timer settings of 1,0,-1 and all the rest in that those three are toggled by the Spin , Next and Reset which you could think of as Clutch, Brake and Accelerator. The Steering Wheel hasn't yet been invented. It will probably come when massively parallel inGridX datacubes come alive on the Internet.

If the grid was spinning the Spin Grid command will stop the spin.