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Stand checkbox - Check for perspective via viewer position as per these three scroll bars. Some items may not be visible. Numeric caption is Picture Autochanger.

Use this checkbox to activate the current settings of the 3 scrollbars on the left .

The right of the three small scrollbars translates the X-axis (left-right) by a distance equal to the smallchange value. The top scrollbar similarly translates the Y-axis (up-down). The bottom scrollbar translates (In-Out or zooms) the Z-axis.

Some items may not be visible and as a feature floats off of the screen it is copied to the system clipboard and is available to be picked up by your speech reader, providing the speech checkbox is checked.

The bottom scrollbar currently has a special "autozoom" feature in that when the Z-axis is automatically rotating this will zoom in or out in step with the rotation. The  autozoom will reverse when all the features have either gone onto or Off of the screen plus a number of rotation increments as determined by the value of the autochanger scrollbar. The value of the autochanger scrollbar becomes the caption of the Stand checkbox when it is not zero.