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.topic IDH_SendSpeech
Check to send speech clips. OppClick to toggle on/off system sounds.

During the analysis phase that produces the main statistical output from inGridX, providing you have checked to send the "speech clips", the interpretation text is copied to the system clipboard as each section is processed. Therefore, if you have a text-to-speech synthesizer that automatically picks up text from the clipboard, you will be able to listen to the grid analysis.

When both "speech" and "doevents" are checked any plot text is immediately put onto the clipboard by the "plotit" subroutine. This is particularily useful when setting up the Shortest Path with "split" parameters. However, because the speech is sent asynchronously the system needs to be slowed considerably before the subject matter can be understood. A way to dramatically slow the output of plot items is to put this inGridX screen into the background by say clicking on another application and play an animation. When you're connected to the Internet, click here to see an audio video example.

As a feature floats off of the screen it is copied to the system clipboard and is available to be picked up by your speech reader.

(Disabled in inGridX 2.0.0) When 'autozoom' is enabled, and while items are "floating" off the screen, if you have checked the speech checkbox, the "Full" label is copied to the system clipboard for your speech reader, etc. This does not apply to the "Split" right half of the construct description because it would be going off the screen at the same time.

When resetting the scope position there is an upper point that you can drag the scope and still maintain a view of all the standard plot features. If you drag the scope upward beyond this point there are certain features, namely the named construct outlying descriptors that lie at the end of their respective significance lines, that can no longer be displayed across the top of the screen. In such circumstances the program will detect when these features re-enter the display area as the plot Steps the feature around past the top right-hand corner. At this point the construct's selected label is copied to the system clipboard if the speech reader checkbox is checked.