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ResetPlot reset.htm  - Click once to stop spin(all actions are frozen); twice to clear traces; and three times (or Opp.Click) to reset Z axis. If no .jpg the scope is reset.

If the plot was spinning then after the first time you press Reset, the Next command is active to enable you to increment the spin direction one degree at a time or whatever the smallchanges setting is.

After the first reset the Spin Grid control is setup to conveniently restart the spin. Back then returns to the saved settings.

If you press Reset twice the "Jet Trails" or screen traces are cleared at the plot's current position.

If you press Reset three times the plot and doevents are reset to the system defaults. At this point the scope, which is the 4 boxes with their respective axis labels is reset.

In order to change the Scope's position on the screen there are two mouse handles available to drag the scope into a desired position.

The first handle  appears when you mouse over the top left hand (NW) corner of the scope rectangle. When your mouse is in this position you can click or click and drag this corner of the scope to a new position. When you do this the center of the scope is unchanged so the scope is changed proportionately into the bottom right-hand (SE) corner.

The second mouse handle in the lower right of the scope box is like the the upper left handle but going the other way. This one allows you to click or click and drag the bottom right of the scope to where you want.

While on the subject of the scope position there is an upper point that you can drag the scope and still maintain a view of all the standard plot features. If you drag the scope upward beyond this point there are certain features, namely the named construct outlying descriptors that lie at the end of their respective significance lines, that can no longer be displayed across the top of the screen. In such circumstances the program will detect when these features re-enter the display area as the plot Steps the feature around past the top right-hand corner. At this point the construct's selected label is copied to the system clipboard if the speech reader checkbox  is checked.