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Print Command - Slide Background slider to home or press Ctrl+M to choose Color or Mono schemes before printing.

Currently there is no Page Setup or Print Preview and until there is it is better to copy and paste the data to other programs to obtain output that you find suitable. What (should be, but isn't) available is a printed page for each of the current .PrintForm and the background bitmap once you have selected your printer.

In order to prevent wasting too much ink there is now a Mono as well as a Color scheme. To select the Mono move the Background slider (top right of the six color sliders)  to its Home (slide to the left or press Home once the slider is selected.) In the Home position the Color Dialog appears, allowing you to choose the particular color.

Choosing Black sets all the remaining 5 colors to the Color Scheme and choosing White sets the ColorSwitch to the Mono Scheme. Afterwards you can select any other colors. The system writes the ColorSwitch and the two color schemes to the inGridX.ini file on closing the program. Once the schemes are selected you can toggle between them using the Edit > Monochrome Ctrl+M menu item.