SpinGridX plot.htm  - If the grid is nearly ready to spin this will Save the selected plot. 'Revert' then returns to the saved settings. to reverse direction.

This control starts and stops rotation by manipulating the timer value of the Step control .

If the timer was positive or zero, just before the Spin Grid command is given, the grid is Saved to disk and the Prev command is enabled to indicate that you can return to the actual settings immediately prior to activating the Spin Grid command. If the timer was already negative the grid spins without saving and the Prev command is disabled.

There is a difference between timer settings of 1,0,-1 and all the rest in that those three are toggled by the Spin, Next and Reset which you could think of as Clutch, Brake and Accelerator. The Steering Wheel
hasn't yet been invented. It will probably come when massively parallel inGridX datacubes come alive on
the Internet.

If the grid was spinning the Spin Grid command will stop the spin.

It is useful when you manually change an axis textbox or some other control that does not automatically replot the screen. Also, some analyzed grids do not automatically display the plot when they load, so this control is useful to call up the plot. In most cases though, displaying the plot is automatic. To get a  "Clear Screen" and to override the checked "size" setting Click to see the Size control. use the Reset  command.

You now have to turn the element item to "off" Click to see the Item control. to see only constructs.

In the meantime, click here to see all the controls-1.htm as used for control of a plot.

Click below to see the old Tutorials for the Ingrid Dos Program.

Plotting Major Components

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