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PictureList pictures.htm  - Load or Clear a new Background PictureList. to set current image as background. Shift+ to erase background picture.

All the images have to be from the same directory however after the last picture has been selected before restarting with the first image the program looks to see if the image folder is not the same as the grid folder. If so, and if a grid with the same file name exists in the image folder then it is loaded and its first image is selected. If the preceding grid was Read Only (i.e., Opened with an existing toolbox) or if any of its toolbox settings have changed then the subsequent grid is also loaded with the existing settings. In this way, an entire network of images can be displayed using a wide range of options.

The Background Pictures can be manually selected from the list using the Forward and Prev Picture commands.

This background PictureList is stored in the Grid Entry Table in the bottom lefthand cell.