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Off checkbox - Check to allow items to be off screen. i.e., rotate after scaling gives a smoother and less constrained visual effect.

This checkbox allows the system to apply constriction to all the visible plot features within the scope or not as the case may be. These variations along with the addition of "Jet Trails" in some of the images produced using the "Spin Grid" command with the "Size" control checked  can be quite spectacular.

When items float "Off" the scope they may exit the  clipping region outside the grid scope and will disappear until the Z-axis  scrolling causes them to reappear in the next quadrant. However, you can prevent items from exiting the clipping region by overriding the Reset defaults by adjusting the Scope Handles to make a larger clipping region, as in the following example.

When the spin command is used to autoscroll, there are some circumstances when the dimensional limits are reached that the autoscroll does not complete a full reversal and instead it oscillates in the region of 10 degrees from this maximum. This oscillation can be prevented activating this "Off" checkbox.

As of inGridX 0.8.1 a "Zoom" cursor appears over the plot if the "Off" checkbox is activated. In this state, a normal mouse click will zoom in on the current selection and an opposite mouse click will zoom out. As of this writing the zoom out has not yet been hacked into order and the result is a little skewed, to say the least.