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NewGridX new.htm  - Setup New Grid. Opp.Click for Chat elicitation..

When you select this option inGridX's Memory is cleared and the system sets up a set of default parameters and then requests that you save these as a new file. You can press cancel and the system will proceed to the Login Screen, but later if you Save & Exit the file will be created as " .txt"

Next proceed to the Edit > Enter Scores screen to enter your data into the Grid Table. You then need to call up the Edit > Adjust Parameters (F5) screen and fill in the details of your grid and click OK.

When all that is done it is recommended that you save your grid before you analyze the Grid with the View > Analyze Grid   (F3) command.

You can come back to this screen to experiment with the control table at the top. This section works in conjunction with the Shortest Path significance lines and is available when the grid has been analyzed. Leave it alone in the meantime and ensure the grid is saved.