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There's more to come on what the labeling options do. Most of the options are self explanatory except maybe for the "Split" option for constructs (Line) and the new "Cell" option for elements that was added to inGridX 0.7.1

But for now, like all settings, these are saved with the Grid unless it has been opened as Read Only, in which case the current settings are preserved. These settings are Reset when the  control is clicked twice.

In this example, the reason why the constructs have outlines going out to the edge, like a bunch of tangled bulrushes, is because the small construct line-select checkbox middle left below the Line checkbox isn't checked.

When the checkbox near the GridMagenta slider (middle right) is set the system checks for events (doevents) for each plot item. This slows down the system and when the grid rotates it does so in a jerky rather than smooth fashion. For other jerky motion see the middle checkbox  setting that turns off the persistent AutoRedraw method.

When the upper right checkbox (near the GridBlack slider -top right) is set the Font Transparent format is enabled.

The reason why there are no construct circles or boxed scope lines is because the "blank scope" checkbox is checked.

If the checkbox near the GridRed slider (bottom left) is set then the Mode and Style sliders are enabled and the Line and Item labels are changed to show the Mode and Style slider values, respectively.