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GridBackColor gridblack.htm  - (Opp.Click) ColorSwitch to choose Color or Mono schemes before printing - Default Black =color, White =mono, to Red : Set to Black to Default all colors.

Use this slider to dynamically change within a limited range from the basic background color.

To set the basic color for the background within the selected color or monochrome table use the Home position of this background color slider to bring up a color dialog box.

A special case applies to this GridBlack background color slider. If the color then chosen is vbWhite the monochrome color table is activated and if vbBlack is chosen the color table becomes active. This is an alternative to using this basic View > Monochrome Ctrl+M menu item and preserves any background picture because when the monochrome table is activated using the Ctrl+M menu item any background picture is cleared. From inGridX 0.9.4, unlike the Ctrl+M command, using the GridBlack color slider to set the mono or color table actually resets all the remaing 5 colors to either all black in case "mono" or vbWhite, vbGreen, vbMagenta, vbRed and vbBlue in case the "color" table is selected.

If you have changed the basic color or mono tables the system saves these to the inGridX.ini file on all exits except when using the top righthand corner X button and uses this modified table for other grids.