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If a grid is loaded into a different PC that has a different arrangement of fonts, then the one you end up with might not be the one you started with. This is dealt with by not only being able to save the current settings into each grid but also by selectively saving them into the inGridX.ini settings file.

inGridX 0.6.2 adds a "pcfont" and a "gridfont" variable to the program. The gridfont is used if the username that is now saved into the grid file along with a date and time stamp indicates it is the current user as registered in a given PC by Windows. If not, the pcfont which is now saved into the inGridX.ini file is used instead.

If the system has never been used before on a PC then the pcfont defaults to the first font in the list, which I force to be Arial. This should settle down the problem of sharing grids between different users, such as the example grids that are sent out with the program.