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Exit command - Exit without saving

This Exit command is unlike the  where files are saved with all the current settings when you exit the inGridX program. Use this Exit comand if you don't want to overwrite a file's settings. You can also exit the inGridX program using the Close button at the top right of the inGridX main form or this one at the bottom right of the toolbox .

Also if you close down the computer, inGridX will not save its current file and will not ask to do so.

Note: - However, when you selected File > Open there was an option for Read Only. If Read Only is selected, then (a) the file will not enter the Recent File list and (b) its current settings will not be loaded allowing for greater compatibility and (c) the file will not be saved on closing, though you should still be able to Save As into a new file.

Furthermore if for some reason you cannot start the inGridX program try deleting the settings file c:\program files\inGridX.ini