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Layer elabel02.htm  - Reset Element picturebox text labels. Opp.Click globally demotes layers - toggles free for all.

This small red checkbox is for automating several functions of the element layers. See the font controls for details.

The other way of automatically creating layers for elements or constructs is by checking either of the red or green small colored checkboxes that have been added to the font control section between the font textbox and the font checkbox. Choose the red checkbox for elements and green for constructs.

Providing these checkboxes are unchecked you can then manually move these layers so as to unclutter them. Currently there is an awkward snap-to effect when you release the layer into its new position. This snap-to distance is determined by the offset of your mouse pointer when you grabbed the layer. Therefore, until this is fixed, for fine movements grab the layer with the mouse pointer as close to the upper left corner as possible.

A "Move Element" or "Move Construct" popup menu appears in the plot alongside the item upon double clicking the opposite (right) mouse button. This popup menu creates a layer for the item with dynamically inverted colors.

(2) if either is checked when any control causes a freshplot then all of the elements and or constructs are assigned layers.

(3) for those items that have layers, then depending on whether the corresponding checkbox is up or down the layer will move to the item's new position if the plot is rotated or it will remain stationary and a line drawn to the item's plot position respectively.

(6) if any of these layers are appearing on the screen when an analysis section report is printed then these layers will still be visible on the screen appearing over the top of the report. They can be moved out of the way but their positions can also be useful in providing additional interpretation.