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ForDoevents doevents.htm  - For slow Doevents. grays backcolor ForDoevents sound effects.

Set this middle right checkbox nearest the GridMagenta slider for setting an even slower flicker effect. This slows down the system and when the grid rotates it does so in a rhythmic rather than smooth fashion. If you are playing MP3 music on the same PC this doevents settings has an uncanny ability to jive the screen with the music.

When this checkbox is checked the system checks for events (doevents) for each plot item.

When both "speech" and "doevents" are checked any plot text is immediately put onto the clipboard by the "plotit" subroutine. This is particularily useful when setting up the Shortest Path with "split" parameters. However, because the speech is sent asynchronously the system needs to be slowed considerably before the subject matter can be understood. A way to dramatically slow the output of plot items is to put this inGridX screen into the background by say clicking on another application and play an animation. When you're connected to the Internet, click here to see an audio video example.

Doevents will disable some controls.

Because settings are stored inside the grid file it is possible for the doevents to cause a grid to start with commands disabled. So if the program starts and all the comands are grayed, the 3rd Reset event will clear the doevents setting.

Checked or UnChecked you can use the right mouse button ( here to set a system wide indicator that the Direct Music Drum sample is to be synchronized with the 2D Hamiltonian. The length of the cycle for each item determines how many beats are performed. Use Plot Reset to stop the music and display the DMDrum form to set Tempo and Volume.