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CopyImage copygrid.htm  - Copy image and tables or Browse to Image Mapped HTML file, with or without appending all the formatted tables and interpretation text.

The manual version of this  command is also accessible through the edit menu  command which performs and extra check to warn you that you may not capture an accurate image if AutoRedraw is checked

The preliminary automated version of the HTML section of this command is available through the File > Create HTML Image Map  Ctrl+I command. It copies the main inGridX screen and text output to the system clipboard. You can then paste them into any other image processing program or word processor. If a plot is displayed this command will use the established settings to create an Imaged Mapped HTML file and automatically launch your browser. This command will also set the text area of the system clipboard with the AREA COORDS as required by the image mapping routines within an HTML browser.

When you are repeatedly testing your output some browsers do not automatically reload changes to the image and, as in the case of Netscape, you need to hold down the shift key while you click reload. This routine was vitally needed to automatically capture the plot area as a Jpeg Image so that your Web Browser can test the links. However, the component that does this from Intel produces a poor quality image unless you are using a good graphics card. When you are satisfied with the HTML you should Paste and save via a good image program. A better DLL is sought.

WARNING: Because inGridX makes use of a standard HTML image map in order to extract a small palette of descriptive images that can be associated with each of the elements and/or constructs it is possible to incorrectly set up this command to copy over those files.

For Section 1 - 9 there are also spreadsheet tables which are copied to the clipboard as text. You can use your program's Paste Special to choose the bitmap or text.

Note: - The small Black and Gray checkboxes on the left of the Size checkbox determine if the form or image is shrunk or stretched.


Regardless of what image you will be using you still have to use the Copy command to send the image map information to the system clipboard for further inclusion in your final HTML file.  I use Live Image 1.29 for the remainder of this enjoyable stagework.