Display selected component loadings. This only works after the Grid has been analysed X-axis controls Y-axis controls Z-axis controls  - the main viewport Small changes appendix Check for perspective via viewer position as per these three scroll bars. Some items may not be visible. Numeric caption is Picture Autochanger. for circular or constrained plots. for autozooming Significance sets some interesting plot parameters control the viewport sets font parameters Reset Next Set range of color of Title text and scope box lines. Set HOME for Color dialog This is for Consensus or Difference Analysis of identical grids or MultiGrid comparison. This is reserved for Wizard elicitation and idea generation Start to show the Grid status. Click Next or Opp.Click to get following reports. Toggle summary tables for when you need to know about strength of feeling, etc. Click column headings twice for reverse sorts Classical correlations are used for constructs but Slater clipped/expected distances are used for elements After this time consuming step to get the Eigenvalue table, the grid should be saved to preserve these values. Adjust User Parameters Enter Grid Table Resync all image maps and HTML tags and/or maybe Reload Grid from disk. Save Grid Exit without Saving Help Raster OpCode determines how PictureClips are painted. Revert to last save. Reset background image to last picture Set the background image to the next picture Load a new background PictureList. Erase bottom left cell of Grid Table to clear. Paste Special - With CreateNew, Transfer an entire Grid Table from Excel, etc. Copy image and tables or Browse to Image Mapped HTML file Setup a New Grid Open an Existing Grid Slide Background slider to home to choose Color or Mono schemes before printing. Set color range for foreground Constructs. Set to HOME for color dialog - Default Green to Yellow Set color range for foreground Elements. Set to HOME for color dialog - Default Red to Black Slide Background from Home ColorSwitch - Default Black =1 White =2 to Red Set color range for background Constructs. Set to HOME for color dialog - Default Magenta to Blue Set color range for background Elements. Set to HOME for color dialog - Default Blue to Magenta To turn off outlines Check to turn off persistant AutoRedraw Set Style or Width of MDS or positional lines when activated. to blank out the Scope and grid title. Check to send speech clips. Sets transparent Fonts. Check this to enable the Mode and Style sliders Check this to turn off remaining Pictures. Check this to turn off PictureClip. Check this to continue white lines through the center. A slash (/) in the descriptions lets you see both sides. Check this to average an Item\'s color into the MDS Significance plotline (when Active) Set the type of text label to use for Elements. Set the Mode option for how the MDS and positional lines are combined on the display. For slow Doevents Set Fontname - Scroll bar is active when Keyboard is used Stretch Image To Fit Form Resize Form to original Image size Reset Construct picturebox text labels. Reset Element picturebox text labels. Pause and Resume Plot Rotation Refresh the plot. Sets cycles for Picture Autochanger shows in Stand Checked caption. Check for back to front