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Layer clabel02.htm  - Reset Construct picturebox text labels. Opp.Click detects collision layers..

This small green checkbox is for automating several functions of the construct layers. See the font controls for details.

(1) if the timer is set so that text labels are toggling, then checking will allocate layers for only those items which were toggling. Note: - there is a line drawn from the item's layer position to its plot position. Therefore if the layer is toggling and the line width is set to a large value you will get a circular reggae flicker effect. This effect isn't preserved as subsequent resets of the grid excludes items with layers from the label toggling routine.

(2) if either is checked when any control causes a freshplot then all of the elements and or constructs are assigned layers.

(3) for those items that have layers, then depending on whether the corresponding checkbox is up or down the layer will move to the item's new position if the plot is rotated or it will remain stationary and a line drawn to the item's plot position respectively.

(4) for each construct that has been allocated a layer then the outlines, white lines through the center and the "Split" label option are all disabled.

(6) if any of these layers are appearing on the screen when an analysis section report is printed then these layers will still be visible on the screen appearing over the top of the report. They can be moved out of the way but their positions can also be useful in providing additional interpretation.