Disability Allowance Application

At a meeting on October 17, 1997 at the Taylor Center with Tania Comer and Ruth Hirst, I was prompted to make this application as well as a direct inquiry to the ACC. . .

I made an inquiry with the ACC who listened at length and stated that I should get a doctor to make an application concerning my Autistic Disorder. . (What we have here is a two way street in which I have realistically shown that WinGrid at London University does use Scientific Rationalism and Materialism to invalidate the current economic and so-called "rationalist" thinking as a disordered social construction. For dreaming what engineers dream the social system at large attempts to ignore my spot-on brand of complex constructivism. .)

To purloin the private views of the well known consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy, Chris Evans, , "I like the idea  of trying to (do) something really quite formal within the PCP realm to look at how people construct this arena. There are almost intolerable tensions in the public health/equity field between the wish for equity (one superordinate construct) and the wish to recognize the inexorable subjectivity of all this. Often the rationalists know they're not as rationalist as they pretend but don't know how the hell they'd survive in their jobs if they admitted this too openly. Stuff about threat and hostility applicable!"
. . . This facile and self-serving logic isolates the rationalist, like the Ugly American, behind a barrier of moral impenetrability, and justifies a pathetic and lonely arrogance.

With practice, this can be done unselfconsciously and sincerely, without noticing the mental gymnastics involved. Such speed of understanding is a source of actual pride for many rationalists.

This peculiar approach to evaluation of data helps preserve certainty that one is acting morally.

"Capitalism claims to be rational, founded on observable evidence, and truth. In fact it is strongly anti-intellectual, espousing freedom of thought publicly while in practice bringing to bear emotional national pressures and influences which systematically creates the opposite of the openly stated ideals."

, ,or, ,

 "From the standpoint of the psychology of personal constructs we may define a disorder as any personal construction which is used repeatedly in spite of consistent invalidation." (23 http://www.oikos.org/vinctherapy.htm)

SYMPTOMS confirmer, Mailto: Denis de Castro M.D.
. . Three Lamps Medical Center. .

Tuesday the 8th of February 2000
Dear Diary Readers,

It is with the following medical background I lived the last 3 years. Now again it is introduced to elaborate the concept of damages caused by my big mouth. Contributory negligence that would not have come to pass without there being a criminal conspiracy to compound my long term grievances and now poisoned life.

Indeed, were it not for my current predicament as outlined here and in the very last link below, (or was it a fateful and tortuous meeting of a friend of a friend today), this application might not have resurfaced as it did.

My doctor has seen this website and has heard of my attacks. Now at my insistence he is in a position to conclude that it's time for a government prescription for a new computer. A backup internet lifetime account was just what I needed while waiting for the return of the forgotten memory prosthetics website. A second lifetime account just makes the first one more enjoyable and doubly accurate for freedom of access.

This application seeks someone to email my doctor the name of the organization which must fill his prescription. My doctor's opinion that my status as an ekhuman has been in force since SEPTEMBER 22,1997 and is in respect of and is in part determined by the here saved article that once was at the following URL: - http://www.psychologytoday.com/features3.html

      Qualitative impairment in social interaction as a marked impairment in the  use of multiple nonverbal behaviors such as eye-to-eye gaze, facial expression, body postures, and gestures to regulate social interaction, failure to develop peer relationships appropriate to developmental level, a lack of spontaneous seeking to share enjoyment, interests or achievements with other people, lack of social or emotional reciprocity.

     Qualitative impairments in communication as a marked and repetitive use of language or idiosyncratic language, encompassing preoccupation with restricted patterns of interest that is abnormal either in intensity or focus apparently inflexible adherence to specific, nonfunctional routines persistent preoccupation with parts of objects.

     Delays or abnormal functioning in language as used in social communication, or symbolic or imaginative play.

"Email, by the way, is just a boon to autistic people, because, with email you don't have to be taking in multiple social cues. "

Jobs Which Autistic and Asperger Individuals Have Held

"Computers are really going to help integrate high functioning people with autism into the world."

"A 40-year-old-man with autism, very high functioning... could not to this day tell when it's his turn to talk in a conversation. He can't tell."

"Computers and people with autism... it's like a match made in heaven."

Cathrine Johnson

. . Entitlements. . .

Due to the uncertain nature of whether my disability arose out of and in the course of my work developing WinGrid or whether it will be covered by ACC, Ruth suggested this application was in order that in the meantime I still continued to live. If an ACC claim is made the situation may change because accidents involve events and events causing other events, laid out in time until the. . .

My uncertainty is compounded by reports that appear to overturn a 1992 ACC ruling barring claims for harm caused by mental trauma, such as news headline in the NZ Herald:- "Police and probation officers suing chiefs"

It is confusing to mention the ACC and though it is a factor, this application has nothing to do with the ACC. I considered not discussing it here as this is hopefully for interim income support and and not about an ACC application. However, I felt it important to state that I will still make an ACC claim; - even though it may be drawn out. For these reasons I am unable this early on to address each part of my claim really in-depth. Without prejudice, I should give an overall picture, because 'in-depth' (to me) means with receipts after the fact. I don't know what I am entitled to in financial terms, and so include some extra family history as a side issue. I wanted to logically and historically present my traumas and show the point of watershed where culmination of events accidentally caused the discontinuity and the qualitative shift in my life. . .

I am told that if I do X I will get what I need. It seems standard practice to promise anything (without actually promising anything), and whatever I can be made to admit to wanting (called my self interest) becomes the excuse for getting me into this process. Just the very act of my writing in list form, (without explanations, every possible thing I can think of, that is causing me trauma or post traumatic stress syndrome,) is affected by my applied belief that the system's rules(, such as the ACC no longer paying lump sums,) create a reciprocal stage management. That says I have to claim for heaps and bring it all in now and do not keep adding things only to drop the crap as I build my case. I need to remember such bait and switch tactics, as I look for lifetime assurances for such things as housing, transport, clothes - etc. My lack of sexual activity is also so problematic that therapy once in a while might be considered. I hoped Dr Langden knew sufficient detail to verify this assessment., but alas was as job-scared as I told her she was.

. . Expenses. .

The nature of the expenses has yet to be determined. Ruth outlined requirements that made the decisions regarding the exact appropriation of expenses rather difficult. Some (but not all) items suggested as ongoing were: (1) costs of conventional and alternative medicine e.g. homeopathy, dentistry, psychotherapy, etc. (2) extra power (computer access and telephone) costs related to my Internet activity. (3) Transport costs of buses and taxis which aren't presently incurred; - but should be. (4) Ongoing maintenance of my long term memory providing for sustainable prevention of loss of function.

I realize the need to clearly state the sections under which I am applying and the relevance of cat food clouds the issue. At some point I will, but not now as I want to stay away from stress. In this application I am asking for an allowance to pay for computer upgrades. I should get cat food too but this application should be about me. The cat, cat food, vet bills is not me. I bring this up because it was mentioned at the last meeting and the cat was considered to be an ongoing expense. However keeping free from stress is about me. What I am saying here is that it seems to come across as a major component of my argument. It is a factor - one of many. Here it is highlighted as being too major. I could re-write this application to make it seem extraneous, because in mentioning it, I feel the need to mention many more things as these where the only examples discussed so far. I question whether I should bring in everything I can think of at this early stage. This is because of a perception that Social Security might feel a need to knock me back on lots and that I should give heaps of detailed needs just so I can be prepared to drop some. I think not; - because this is an interim allowance.

There seem to be hidden inclusive appropriations, making it difficult to make a commitment to expenses. For example, Ruth said that the maximum weekly disability allowance was $42.87 and that I was still looked on to contribute an unknown percentage which I have been unable to determine. I am also uncertain if my capacity to provide working components from disused items can be considered as such or to what extent do gifts from friends count, etc. Some items are ongoing but not regular such as computer replacement parts. I understand the receipts for the expenses will be seen when the allowance is reviewed. In fact I find, as detailed below, the whole fiscal and monetarist management such a contradiction that in dealing with it, my situation is aggravated.

. . Disability Details. .

The problems alluded to above underlie the nature and extent of my disability and personal health needs. Dr Langden at the Taylor Center, states that it may well be impossible for me to ever re-enter the system. My Internet persona which covers the duration of my disability is at URL:

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Notes: Precedence set Budapest, Hungary 1881

The foreman of the new Budapest telephone exchange, a 24 year old Serb named Nicola Tesla, falls mysteriously ill. He becomes hyper sensate. 

. . Explaining Failure with Tense Logic. .

Accidents under consideration were related to the situations, when technical equipment have been suddenly disabled. Results investigation of influence of objective factors (complexity of structure of cause and effect relations between the parameters, degree of irrelevance and number of irrelevant signals, time of situations analysis and others) on the time of forming of accident situations mental image and its wholeness were given.

. . My Psychological Profile as above. .


. . My Abdominal Culture. .
Family History :
Maternal Grandfather died young in the jungle of Black Water Fever.
Maternal Grandmother when dying aged 74 had to have stool removed with spoon.
Paternal Grandparents died young from medical misadventures of Spannish Flu and lead poisoning.
A Sister and brother suffered from fissures.
Father euthanized with emphysema and stroke aged 85-6
Mother died with dementia and pneumonia aged 82-3
My Early Childhood:
Nervous indigestion, suffered mind control in an intergenerational intelligence related religious cult in Ontario.
Punctured Skull - diving accident aged 6.
Multiple Electric shocks and Head Trauma aged 7-9.
2cm raised forehead birthmark removed aged 10.
Severed Kneecap tendons and Lacerated Forearm aged 11.
Burst Appendix removed aged 12.
Mumps, Whooping Cough, Chickenpox, Measles, Polio vaccinations,  etc., aged up to 13.
5mm raised eyebrow mole removed aged 14.
Shoulder Dislocation aged 15.
Travel Sickness and Cramps until adult
My Adult Life:
Sprained Ankles 1970.
Lacrimal Nerve infections 1973.
Vasectomy 1976.
Blinding Eyesore and Tooth Abscess extraction 1977.
2cm Benign Cheek Cyst removed 1979.
annual Bronchitis from birth to mid 30s.
Piles started in 1980.
Hemorrhoidectomy 1983.
Post Operative Sleep Disorder 1983.
Chronic Fatigue started 1984.
Bronchoscopy for Mycoplasma Pneumonia 1984.
Peridontal diease 1984.
Barium Meal Xray 1985.
Chronic Fatigue and Night Sweats 1985.
Colonoscopy for Piles banded in 1985.
 Depression (barium?) and Back Pains 1986.
Supraochlear Nerve scalp lesions 1989.
Torn aductors 1990.
Dizzy Spells 1990.
Tinea in toes 1991.
Ear Bolus and onset of Tinnitus 1992.
Gout in knees and skin swelling 1993.
Severe Reflux indigestion 1994-8.
Chronic Fissure Spasms August 1990-7.
Mycosis Fungoids and Lupus indicators 1992-00.
Ear and Parotid gland infection 1998.
Morning dizziness restarted February 2000.
Supraorbital Nerve Temporal Branch Ganglion & cyst 1999.