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"This free software was known for a few years as WinGrid."

Chapter 2007 Ingrid 7.3.01

    Graphics processing is based on a linear database kernel re-engineered from Patrick Slater's famous psychological repertory grid subroutine. Named after this subroutine, Ingrid v7.3 will hopefully lay semantic long-tail search plans to form a dynamically flexible, graphically acoustic, externally scheduled version of RadioChomsky4pp.exe into a global grid computer. This and the instructions to get the last Ingrid On Winamp software are ready for download now at

In May 2014 my dynamic dns facility will be censored so, until pages are relocated, get Ingrid here: -

    Now here's my perennial request for help in identifying the subject of what I described, on its web form, to a Rent-A-Spy Inc. I only told them of the discovery I made of the young version of a very powerful personage c.1970. The subject is shouting a criminally compromising line in an obscure unnamed 16mm film. They are to assume that I'm fearing for my safety should they become involved. Cautiously, while hoping they might help, I only gave my first name (Last Name Withheld) and an unidentified prepaid Simcard number for them to text me their investigator's email contact.

    Knowing for sure in which film, exactly 18 minutes from the end, he is to find the 30 frames in question, an independent investigator will pass this info onto an IAI affiliate. Foreign associates can then retrieve the original. My point is that, knowing in advance only that this may identify a very high level alleged crime, but not yet the personage, any curious investigator can be proven to have started out uncontaminated, as the evidence demands. Thus I hope to remain on the other side of a legal "Chinese Wall" from thence on; finally to remove my evidence from this website.

    The inducing Ingrid software includes complete open source code under its own license. There is a discussion at about future license changes for those wanting an OP Client or to protect against nano-terrorist use of Ingrid. Such dual licenses can be introduced under the present terms of *The Strong inGridX Free Public License 1.1*, available at

    Unfortunately the quid pro quo is that Ingrid must be installed before the source code directory is created. It does, however, not need to be run to view the source, at which point we'll be speaking by phone, I hope.

Chapter 2006 - Ingrid 7.0.01++

one could be described by  US Patent  6825839.,,Again
in US Patent 5825369.

My dear Ingrid fan,

If you came looking for tutor.htm, I'm sorry if your back button isn't working from here inside my cupboard; and yes... yes... you're patiently waiting to try a download, but Ingrid's present awareness (me) just wants you to know some more of the hows and whys. Funny, I was just then thinking about backing up a copy of Endless Wire from "The Who" when the below "endless" email webbug arrived. I think they are similar. I shouldn't have bothered, but who knows.

I eagerly released my 7001st compilation in order to test harmonic beatmixing across more than two instances and found an induced infrastructure TCP bug that got into ManyChat. This minor bug only allowed two and I struggled to learn about ports. I needed help then, because I badly wanted this test to work. It's working now so, if you're not doing anything some gloomy Saturday, come to the meet where I'll set up each of 15-20 Car PCs in a wireless P2P beatmixing mesh.

Understand that I didn't know what I was dealing with until the test worked, when two songs beatmixed well. For a further layer, I now expect to find it at the sum of the BPM (or the difference in the BPM), and that all the sets can be understood in a group playlist such that every set corresponds to the difference in energy of the musical arrangement. Conforming to the Ritz combination principle, and not feeling quietly in love with this musical equivalent of a high, you'll still jive from one side of your purchases to the other on a refined ocean of emotion.

Or, did somehow you discover I'm writing a book about me, Ingrid and a Bill Clinton spy scandal called, "Cheap Hotel"? Because, if so, I'm the programmer whose code unexpectedly worked from here way along to the edges of computational clairvoyance. I recall this first happened in 1999 when, provoked by as yet unchallenged evidence, I very carefully uncovered sexual abuse by the distant cousin of this young Bill Clinton in a Russian uniform. This is the subject of my website called Cheap Hotel.

Maybe you found me from recent posts in relation to this find I made, back in 1999. Either way, you should also know that both you and I and/or Ingrid are being monitored by several defense departments. On my book site, I am making this knowledge and all my logs known. I did this for protection against repercussions that at the same time have not been made known to Google via settings in my robots.txt file.

In any event, you have become inadvertently tied up with an "unreal" spy scandal for which I have, a week ago last year - back to November 2005, started publishing the web logs showing the space-time emotional track of all or whomever is connecting to my cupboard web-server. The public version of those logs so far only cover one month. I did not have to publish more. The reason the logs are important is in case all the physical evidence is destroyed. I did this because I realized that Ingrid could reconstruct mental states from readers of my book. Unfortunately now for you, is that should I "disappear" it will soon be unlawful, at least somewhere near this part of the world, for you to voice suspicion about what happened to me.

I know, Noe!

I shouldn't digress, yet I just saved her above Endless Love webbug as

Like you, I was intrigued by the almost flat line at the end of the woman's life and how that split back to the next scene of the alter/shrine, which bifurcated to the scene, right at the opening, where a flat line was achieved, onto which sprung the word Love, which then disappeared into the same point, that then became the child. At first I took these eventual transitions to imply reincarnation but now, on second thoughts, I'm not so sure. On third thoughts the alter could be either used for the couple's nuptials and/or as well as a way of paying merit and respect to the departed ancestor.

Unlike you, I want to rewrite the scene between the flat line and the point with my choice which is to upload upon death and to watch over the offspring. In place of the letters that spell out the word Love I would have icons that represent our ghosts in the PC and the Internet as we would love them to be.

To know this, and to help you understand vaguely how, let me recount a regrettable incident when I recently lost a good friend due to a disagreement over what was said. In my defense, to pinpoint our psychological moments, I started to visualize a grid of our recent text based communication. All my emails form the columns by date and all his emails form the rows by date. While I thought of how to code this, I searched for how to construct the matrix. I found that, "The ordering of source symbols input to the proposed encoding algorithm can arbitrarily set each cell's modified Shannon-Fano-Elias (SFE) value" - derived from arithmetic coding of the unmatched words. The local hills and valleys should form the clues and emotions needed by Ingrid to decipher the super-constructs. Non-programmers can get an idea of this by translating this page into Chinese. My Reader can give it back in a program that can't display Chinese. One in ten of my English words, mostly nouns, are untranslatable but together they form the text-skimming poem of sorts that follows. the Speak button to jump there whenever you want.

But that's not why I'm here. I see a big problem here to the extent that I and my mind as my Ingrid compiler code have naturally evolved to become one and the same as these patents that I found in my search.

"This (other) invention (which) presents a method to extract atomic parts of a graphics model using its skeleton. A skeleton is a fully collapsed body of the model, and is obtained through a novel way to contract edges of the model. From the skeleton, atomic parts or features each is a part of the model that is distinctively autonomous from its connected or neighboring body is formed through space sweeping. Next, atomic parts can be connected into a hierarchy depending on the eventual interactive visualization applications. The operation of the method includes the steps of interactively computing, displaying and recording skeleton, atomic parts, and object hierarchies in response to user commands to, for example, modifying skeleton, atomic parts or object hierarchies. Object hierarchies are useful to various applications such as object scene management, view-dependent simplification, mesh-mapping, morphing, and building bounding volume hierarchies." same as US Patent  6825839.

I am now confronted by the question, "What does it mean that I have just now come across something that describes Ingrid the same way as I have been doing so for ten years?" From another search in US Patent 5825369 they could be describing Ingrid thus, "A computer system (that) stores and transmits compressed simple triangular meshes. The computer uses a data structure that represents a simple triangular mesh in n-dimensional space. The data structure has a table of vertex runs, a table of triangle runs, zero or more marching records, which provide the connectivity information of the triangular mesh. The data structure also has zero or more associated data records that include the geometric information of the triangular mesh. The table of triangle runs and the marching record have information that describes how to construct a triangular mesh (therefore, the polygon vertices and the boundary edges). The table of vertex runs describes a vertex spanning tree that provides additional connectivity information to construct the triangular mesh from the polygon. The associated data record determines the exact position of the triangular mesh in space. The system also includes ways for creating this data structure from a simple triangular mesh, transmitting this information between computers, and compressing and decompressing this transmitted information."

These patent descriptions, being so full of all that gobbledygook, are just begging of me the question, "Am I the which and the that and/or the other for the where and the when concerning them?" If so, a legal controversy concerns my programming and hence personal and private life's existence being threatened by either the unwilling party in a commercial royalty free agreement negotiation or a psyops/covert operation.

Yet, I have had this twenty nine year ever growing capacity and skill to quite independently demonstrate prior art out of a combination of these two IBM-type patents that I independently culminated in Wingrid ten years ago, as my autonomously delivered Ingrid freeware. Therefore do I, who could reasonably be expected to have made a vow of poverty, for the good of all really, need to meet someone from "The Who" singing about how they can work out an agreement for the benefit of or the strife in my life?

While they're doing that, I'm busy working out the wrinkles in HIDJ, tying back the creativity spark that I got from writing all this. Picture me right clicking the Endless Wire to Show in Explorer and copying to Rock\The Who. From the moment before I get Ingrid running, I'll be clicking Enqueue in Winamp. After MP3 Library sets the tags, I'll be typing code into Ingrid's IDE before the current song ends. The Who are growing now into my collection. Every time, from now on at LikeLessThanThirtySecondsLeft, only on a first learning, Ingrid now publicly executes an PlayListAddSongs(Optional ByVal MP3FilenameNowPlaying) and hence an UpdateTreeNode. Still buggy and you must click on the BongoMan to get it working, but HIDJ could only manually do that by folder and not until the very end or miss out getting the tempo. Now the order isn't important using version 7, the first unclassed instance of Ingrid on Winamp. (This coding spurt of mine is part of a campaign to make all or most files in a collection easier to make agnostic to the drive letter.)

Any takers beyond the yellow brick road? Did I put a spell on you?

If you are interested, can you craft the URL all by yourself?  I only want living persons in my neuroeconomy without money as long as I hate the robots without the walls!

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