Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 19:29:27 +1200

To G-Force, webmaster, etc.

Your last statement on the above page: "All rights reserved. Do not copy or redistribute in any form" is surely an anachronism today as I found your page while searching on Infoseek and passed it on to an ICQ friend.

He asked me. "I noticed your Email address..........Are you into making money online?"

Having just read the above page, I said: "No. I’m into Alternative 4 which is to make it obvious to the NCSA high performance computing grid that their G-Force should anticipate the use of its power to replace the world’s Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. In other words the Debit and Credit system gives way to the Edge Of Chaos National Grid Infrastructure. So, you could say that I’m into destroying money online while protecting those in transition.

But I’m no ordinary web surfer and would like to bring to everyone’s attention that my activities in parallel to the G-Force have remained unheeded far too long, though not for want of trying to demo my Graffitti Page produced originally by my WinGrid system.  It's now maintained by me as a hobby. But WinGrid being INGRID for Windows, once I rejected earlier criticism that my stuff wasn’t high performance or that it couldn’t scale, marks the time when masonic mafia lost credibility. But in making up this invitation I welcomed the opportunity for someone from G-Force to consider my voluntary disclosure in detail of the principals and principalities involved. Failure to do so will result in an Associated Intelligence implementation that will only compound your ignorance of what people want.

It’s the thought that counts!

aroha, j. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The WinGrid / Freenet EMF Associated Intelligence. As of WinGrid 1.0.3 I’ll be releasing a protein-like Full Screen Saver that can roll around the liquid architecture of available CPU bandwidth with the contact time of each facet combining with CPU meta-data changes to produce hashed clusterings. I am excited by the prospect of streaming a WinGrid / Freenet (client-server) Associated Intelligence.

The WinGrid Free Public License encourages you to copy the software and give it away while at the same time stopping others from using predatory pricing, thus preventing it from remaining free.

For those interested in exploring INGRID further, a full Visual Basic integrated development environment is available. I will also post updates to the discussion list for interesting applications where INGRID has been used. You can describe here or call me or write with any problems you need fixing. I am interested in any customizing work to interface INGRID to databases, including.

The Ingrid Custom Marketer, The Ingrid Racehorse Analyzer, (patron needed) The Ingrid Share market Researcher, DONE! The Ingrid Screenwriter, DOING IT! SEE THE EMPEROR’S RED CLOTHES The Ingrid Neural Network, DONE! The Ingrid Match Maker, The Ingrid Surf Reporter, The Ingrid Barter Processor The Ingrid Media Player* DONE! ...introduced in version 0.9.5 .

I have reasonable facilities and can provide an interpretation and input correction service. If you develop standard or unusual applications that are not proprietary, please send them to me and I will link them in the regular URL and the discussion group.

New versions/branches of INGRID included:-

Improved 3 dimensional Graphics to display any 3 components on the screen at one time. DONE! Zoom and Rotate to explore grids further. DONE! Flexible transformations of LP objective data into graded assessments including links to other systems. DONE! I’m currently interested in obtaining links to the DiSC instruments. There is already a test link to Enquire Within. Specific interpretation text and methodologies. DONE!

The Ingrid software will need to satisfy the motives of developers who have interests in statistics, constructivism, Associated Intelligence and Visual Basic.

The Flying Phones is one such project to put intelligence at the limits of communication. It’s got lots and lots of interesting challenges to:-

Use the WinGrid package to cluster values. develop a parallel continuous response measurement version. See:- Information Integration Theory. appropriately politicize the feedback. develop wide applications. provide value added streams.

I would like to see the likes of Ian Clarke’s Freenet web application developed as underware for my Ingrid concepts. Stage one will soon be delivered as an Associated Intelligence screen saver acting in a compression processing mode.

Previously confused, I was, between my term "compression processing" and parallel processing until in WinGrid 1.0.3, I added a near jitter-free hill climbing system monitor. The monitor is presently Read Only because near enough is not good enough. I need help to finish putting in a browser control to cache a stack of jpeg files before it’s ready to join up globally; - as music content kaleidoscopically streams MP3 eigen-vectors. By connecting these values in parallel, like house batteries, the charge is amplified into a biologically realistic life form in which the best gets the rest, pun intended, but nothing to do with work; - just a visible sin wave. You see it’s the laziness of "no processing" by DoEvents that produces WinGrid perceptions when patterns merge creating an "Associated Intelligence". -MY TERM