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                   Thursday December 30  08:51
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                   Tuesday  November 2  17:32
                                     Important: 0867 problems and solutions. . . .

. . . The following was added, 4th January 0 Y2G, as a draft of the sort of discovery order I need against The New Zealand Herald. But. . . Assuming a judge can be convinced that there is a danger of information loss, the wording for a search warrant could also come in handy. Also sought are court orders requiring the ESR Mt Abert Labs to produce a voice print analysis from samples obtained.

Is this lawful? Note law cited.

When ready, drafts of this webpage should forward themselves by email to .  . . . .

Instructions for Responding to Deposition Subpoena.

New Zealand, Auckland.

Plaintiff, )

Maxwell James Legg.

Defendant, )

Editor, or his designated representative, of The New Zealand Herald.

You are hereby commanded to produce audio, video and text analog or digital recordings of any reporting activities and records of all discussions, of any kind pertaining to Mr. Legg, and his photo of a "dead double" of United States President, William Clinton, since first handed to senior political reporter, Bernard Orsman, on December 21, 1999 or any date, since that date.

You are also to include with this material the times, dates, and number of times each information segment was conveyed to anyone else, without standing.

These documents, or an Internet URL of digital recordings of the same, are to be delivered to the attention of  Mr. Tony Robinson c/- on the 20th day of April, 2000.

This subpoena does not require your attendance to comply.

In order to allow objections to the production of documents, and things to be filed, you should not produce them until the date specified by this subpoena, and if an objection is filed, until the court rules on the objection, hereof fail not under penalty of the law.

Witness my hand and seal of said court,

at Auckland

New Zealand,

This_________________day of _________________, 2000

_________________________, an officer of the court.

. . . . regardless of waiving any particular Attorney / Client privilege, this story broke because of the will to virtuality inspired in me, by the WinGrid program, my daughter, the razor sharp minds of a lot of dead people, and the brave souls herein.

To anyone knowing the whereabouts of daughter, Sally, tell her . . last positive contact was somewhere in India on the day this story became known. . "Missing you so much my world has stopped."  Sally was in Bodhgaya and arranged all the flowers for the Dalai Lama's Christmas conference. She was to have travelled on 1/1/0 to Goa.

And, to the living I say, the 1st .ram file may be a valuable collector's item one day. Indeed, a single collector may wish to corner the market; as it were. To Clinton and all the others who I've been compelled to insult please feel free to send me a bill for damages and I'll make it known here, as any crime discovered herein should be prosecuted.

Others can feel free to donate to a legal fund if I get railroaded into a proceeding to establish my competence. Rest assured, I will not be instituting such proceedings. . .

Using WinGrid to guide the development of a story like this is an example of a commercial venture expressly sanctioned by the WinGrid Free Public License, albeit ultimately based on the program. . . . . Archived threads include.

photo of the century surfaces in grey lynn villa
photo of the millennium caught clinton en chantage

Due to recent indirect threats against me, involving a Y2K government disinformation incident, other readers have joined this thread, from another breaking story at. : tide.HTML

. . . receive email when this extended page changes, and 
relax. The only virus contained herein is this truth.

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                             . . . Special Power Of Attorney. . .

            I, Maxwell James Legg, hereinafter known as j.Maxwell Legg or
       Jimekus or j.Max, wingrid, etc., of 18 Domain Crescent, Muriwai Beach
       Auckland, New Zealand, do hereby appoint Eddie Traversa, of
       7 Wrexham Court, Deer Park, Melbourne Victoria, Australia, my true
       and lawful attorney in fact, for me and in my name, place and
       stead, and for my use and benefit, to. :

       Use psych3's own words to tell it like it really is. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

            The attorney shall further have the special power to
       go on record as witness to confirm the missing 5 pm, message
       and the following recollections, that were then occasioned.

     ICQ History Log For:
            8278642.  psych3.
     Thu Dec 30 17:51:21 1999.

wingrid    1:52 pm,  Just catching up on the photo episode. I'm
                             considering a case against the newspaper for
                             criminal negligence.

                             Want the latest URL?

psych3     1:52 pm,  sure send it along. . . .

wingrid    1:55 pm, . .

                             NB: Barry Hart is a New Zealand top criminal lawyer and my

                             He acted on this until asked to hide the film. . .
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9:39 pm
Subject: No To Silent Death - sequel.
From: j.Maxwell Legg
. . . . . from the film. . . .
1 of 11. . . . . .
SJ: text contents of WEBSITE


] hope this comes through ok; - ] haven't used a fax in a while.

This is a collection of publicly saved communications; with the peculiar email indentation.

New Zealand Herald reporter, Bernard Orsman, has seen the film and, I say, like others recognises this to be Clinton.  Is he being criminally negligent towards me by failing to report this; after he promised to protect my identity?

Now seen just a little bit clearer in this 2.71MB AVI file, I'm in danger because of Orsman's negligence, and what I know to be true.  He should be doing it not me, or at least be made to pay for my insecurity.

Jim. . . . .
pages 3/11 and 6/11 were replaced.

 6:05 pm,    Sun 26 Dec
Subject: Welcome to Photo Of The Millennium.
From: j.Maxwell Legg


Some early footage of Clinton in uniform, or else his dead double, has surfaced in an obscure Russian documentary, and fell into the hands of the virtual paparazzi. Me. . . . . .

"Cast adrift as a member of the virtual paparazzi, who, just stumbled
across Bill Clinton blissfully unaware of being swept away, in an
impending scandal, and you had a choice of rescuing him, or getting a time warped, prize-winning photograph; that sealed the fate of a President. . .

     . . .what shutter speed would you use?"

A repertory grid of this active moral question is being developed for
publication in a moderated egroup at. : of the millennium

. . . Flashback. . .

Hello!! how are you?

I'm nearing my boredom threshold. How about you?

lol...what a pity!! what can I do to amuse you?

I don't need amusement,
I need to find a new aim.

lol......ok easy so..just think.

it's not funny, nor easy.
The trouble is, I don't want to think about it.

try research work. . .

I think I'll go for a drive.

will be nice, and I think I will go to bed. it is late here.

sweet dreams, Noemí Fernández.. . . . . . . . . . .

Back from the drive? . . . Happy Summer!

I took my camera and got the picture of the century. . . . (Went over to Bruce Grenville's Sedang Cinema and reminded him of the few frames I thought Clinton appeared in that GIFTGAS film and could I take a snap shot. I got it but wasn't prepared for the shocking likeness. . . )

can I see it ?

I want to keep a lid on this until Thursday as it's now in the hands of the senior political reporter, at the NZ Herald. He will protect his source (me) till then and later you can refer to his story; and not my own website. I'll send URL, as soon as possible. . . . .
Click to Download 2.71MB 11sec 5fps AVI file - OppClick to view enlarged.
from the film. . . .

. . MERRY Christmas, MR CLINTON. .

Subject:        Clinton's soviet film premiere
    Date:        Mon, 20 Dec 1999 09:51:32 EST


I would be most appreciative if you could forward any additional info you might have, such as a URL, about the 1983 soviet film you found, which apparently enjoyed Mr. Clinton's participation. The JPEG I received was only in machine language.

Thank you very much in advance. . .

Yours truly,

>-----Original Message-----
>From: j.Maxwell Legg 
>To: ; Bruce Grenville
>Date: Monday, 20 December 1999 22:48
>Subject: [prj] Forgive the attachment, but...
>Can this be who I think it is?
>The voice on the sound track of this film is very recognizable
>as Clinton. It's from a film called "No To Silent Death" and can
>be found in, (was made in 1983), the "Leningrad People's Library
>of Science Films". . .
>The film used old footage and this copy was found by anarchist-
>film buff and dumpster diver, Bruce Grenville, outside the
>abandoned Auckland office, of the collapsing Soviet Union. It may
>never have had a wide audience.

from the film. . . .
       Subject:             Re: Forgive the attachment, but...
           Date:             Tue, 21 Dec 1999 13:05:46 +1300
           From:             "j.Maxwell Legg" 
 Organization:             Ekus UN-incorporated
   References:             1 , 2

. . Bates,

The film was an anti-war, anti-american and anti-fascist
documentary about chemical warfare. . wrote:

> BF>If this is not a joke, please say, what the film is about.
>         "All I know is that I know nothing"-Socrates. . . .

1st ever Real G2 clip.

disseminate this far and wide; keep it, so we are all safe!

Pssst. . . . . .

I fell onto a world class internet story yesterday. Want to hear the basics?

sure. .

can I send you the photo; that is central to the story.

yeah ok?

Can this be who I think it is?

The voice on the sound track of this film is very recognizable as Clinton. It's from a film called "No To Silent Death" and can be found, (was made in 1983), - in the "Leningrad Popular Science Film Studios". .

The film used old footage and this copy was found by anarchist-film buff and dumpster diver, Bruce Grenville, years ago, outside the abandoned Auckland office, of the collapsing Soviet Union, just off Customs St. . . . It may never have had a wide audience. . . . .

I'm being watched. . . . .

it lloks like him doesnt it. . .

The story wouldn't be the same, say, if it was a picture of Bob Dole in uniform, because everybody knew he was in the service.

Clinton, on the other hand, is a known draft dodger. So this film raises valid questions. Can he be seen as being a traitor for being in this film, and was it taken when he was in Russia?
where did u find this?

my messages may not be getting through to you. I said - in a dumpster. Did you get that one? Remember outside which office?

no didnt get that one. . .

I will resend - ok?

sure. . .

maybe msg went by email - will send in 2 parts. . . . . .

Can this be who I think it is?

The voice on the sound track of this film is very recognizable
as Clinton. It's from a film called "No To Silent Death" and can be found, (was made in 1983), - in the "Leningrad  Popular Science Film Studios". . .

No To Silent Death - will auction at eBay
[. . it's already reserved at $2,500. . ]

script....................................................... Anatoli Chipernofve
direction......................................................... Nicolye Krujion
camera................. Veetolled Rauseekin and Elinna Tekteenska

. . Leningrad Popular Science Film Studios . .

. . names as per english audio . .

. . No To Silent Death - credits.ram. .

ok i got that part. . .

The film used old footage and this copy was found by anarchist-

film buff and dumpster diver, Bruce Grenville, years ago, outside the abandoned Auckland office, of the collapsing Soviet Union. It may never have had a wide audience.

Am I being watched?

ok some of that must have been cut off last time
thanks for checking back.

no problems

Should I preserve the photo on a web page?

I would definatel;y keep it in some way

Ok, what if it causes trouble? Do I take the heat? Or should it go underground?

post it on a free server with a dummy name so they cant track you, besides you are only reposting what allready has been written so qoute the source. . . .

when you say "already has been written", comes back to me as I wrote it. I took the photo of the silver screen with my Kodak DC20.

oh, ok i thought you had also found the text. hmm not sure then, maybe send it in a to a newspaper?

They should protect their source to a greater extent. Good idea. Thanks.

np. . . .

       Subject:             No To Silent Death
           Date:             Tue, 21 Dec 1999 16:05:51 +1300
           From:             "j.Maxwell Legg"
 Organization:             Ekus UN-incorporated
              To:             Bruce Grenville. 

It was suggested that I make a website for the clinton1.jpg
photo. Instead, I contacted the senior political reporter,
Bernard Orsman, at the Herald, who bought some time, by announcing
tomorrow as his day off. He said not to let it out onto the
Internet until Thursday, and hopefully not at all, if he can
report it, instead.

He has your number.

Pssst. . . . . .

I contacted the newspaper and made a webpage of my communications, that only you and the reporter know about. Your name is the only one not mentioned, and he doesn't know you know. I hope you don't mind. .

why would i mind?

when you re-read our earlier conversation, towards the end you will see that I took the liberty of quoting your suggestion. And, I did it without first asking your permission, to do it anonymously. After all, you may have wanted the credit. But... they might have to kill you too.

nah thats fine the way it is dont need credit for a minimal suggestion. . .


       Subject:             Re: Forgive the attachment, but...
           Date:             Tue, 21 Dec 1999 18:56:10 +1300
           From:             "j.Maxwell Legg" 
 Organization:             Ekus UN-incorporated.
   References:             1 , 2 , 3 , 4. wrote:

> j.Maxwell Legg wrote.
> BF>Anti-war and anti-fascist?  Why was the Prez in it then? <-:
>         Just kidding... The President is something of a "Progressive" by
> very moderate standards.  A COMMUNIST?  I do not think so. Rather, I
> would say that he is a Rockefellerian, who probably opposed the City and
> military-industrial complex; "Cold War" agenda.  Still, a film made in
> Moscow. . .That is shocking if true!
>         MHO
>         "All I know is that I know nothing"-Socrates. . .

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 psych3     1:58 pm,  . . . getting interesting. . .

wingrid    2:00 pm,  I'm waiting for the man who will arrive out of
                             nowhere and tell me never to use a computer
                             again, or they will kidnap my daughter.

psych3     2:01 pm,  well hope it never gets to that. . . . . . . . . . . .

wingrid    2:13 pm,  Such a messenger would be taking a risk of
                             citizen's arrest and being sent to prison.
                         That's assuming my psychic defences were feeling up
                             to it.

                             Instead, they would have to get Sally first,
                             and like you, I hope they're too disorganised
                             for that.

                             Cyberwar is another problem though. There
                             surely is a them and it's not just Clinton.
                             I've been probed already and most of my
                             networked Office 97 got disabled. In the end, I
                             had to hand deliver a diskette to Barry.

. . . . A week later the diskette was said by Barry not to have been readable . . . .

psych3     2:14 pm,  wow, didnt realise it had got to that. . .

wingrid    2:17 pm,  my ISP is involved - all my counters are
                             disabled. check my homepage and see for


                             that's supposed to be a counter above
                             "name: . . . . . . "

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The Firm............:
Ekus UN-incorporated.
Consensus Services Officer.

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Here's my recent bookmarks so you know where I've been since I postponed reading real books. And here's a parody adapted for the subject of mind uploading.

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In 1964, the Medical Research Council awarded Dr. Slater a grant; to continue the development of programs. He provided a service for qualified psychiatrists and psychologists in the UK. . . .

In his later years, further development of Grid Technique was carried on by Dr. Slater, in the general clinical area of `conflict'. After 1980, when he contracted out the software to me, Slater was dumped on by the establishment. His attempts to cover his tracks backfired so that now there are no longer any proprietary rights remaining in the software; although a few fraudulent claims, e.g., GridLab, still exist.

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wingrid    4:07 pm,  . . . . . . guess what? my counters have started to work
                             again, and you were the only person I told. .

psych3     4:08 pm,  i didnt do anything though?

wingrid    4:09 pm,  I meant maybe it was a nosey script kiddie.

psych3     4:09 pm,  what do u mean? ? ? ? ? ?

wingrid    4:15 pm,  someone playing around at the ISP buggered up
                             all my counters for the last two days. I tell
                             you - presto they're fixed.

                             some coincidence, eh? Unless the counter
                             software was down for maintenance, I'd say it
                             was deliberate provocation against me, only, and
                             whoever did it, got scared when their packet
                             sniffers alerted them to the fact that I had
                             told you, I thought my ISP was involved. My
                             tenure at the ISP is complicated by the fact
                             that I have a 1000 year lifetime account. They hate

psych3     4:16 pm,  oh i see they could have sniffed the message.
                             but sometimes coutners do play up so could be
                             a coincedence, that is if u beleive in
                             coincedences. . . . .

wingrid    4:21 pm,  nothing to it really. I think the universe
                             doesn't work in reciprocally straight lines.
                             But I have learnt to recognize when it starts
                             to rip. It is starting now in the fabric of my
                             universe. . . . At such times I duck.

psych3     4:21 pm,  LOL wise move. .

wingrid    4:23 pm,  I think by now the ISP realizes that a Barry
                             Hart could get them; as well as the newspaper.
                             I shouldn't have anymore problems from them,

psych3     4:24 pm,  yeah hopefully it will be a bit smoother for
                             you. .

wingrid    4:26 pm,  yup - web counter at photo of the millennium ram
                             site now at 243. . . . . 

A week later, when I put this tag in, this counter was 516, at 2:43pm on Jan 6, 2000.
let's see, hmmmm? 516^2/(3*100+216^2/(3^6*2^6/(6*6*6)))-243^2/(3^5)=263
which coincidentally, is something resembling Fermat's last theorem. . . . . . . . . . . . .
wingrid    4:51 pm,  as a matter of evidence, did you go to my
                             home page when I sent the URL and witness the
                             corrupt web counter?

psych3     4:51 pm,  yes i did

wingrid    4:52 pm,  wow, what a discovery! did you recheck it?

psych3     4:53 pm,  no i didnt.

wingrid    4:54 pm,  would you, please? it should read 1246 

A week later, when I put this tag in, this counter was 1461, at 2:43pm on Jan 6, 2000.
which means that something like18% of people's systems were sickened; before getting all the story. . . . . .
psych3     4:54 pm,  sure send the URL again

wingrid    4:55 pm, . . . . .

wingrid    5:02 pm,  I took a direct hit. BSOD 00000:0000000 had to
                             reboot. all my PCs are sick and I need to reload
                             windows. did I loose anything? - your last message?

psych3     5:03 pm,  i just said that it looked fine to me. .

wingrid    5:05 pm,  if a lawyer asks if you saw the counter
                             corrupt and then again ok, according to these
                             messages, you would understand what he asked?

psych3     5:05 pm,  yeah i would. .

wingrid    5:07 pm,  can I send you an outline for an affidavit to
                             get a discovery order against the ISP?

psych3     5:07 pm,  sure. .

wingrid    5:08 pm,  could you send me your name and address. .

psych3     5:09 pm,  eddie traversa.
                             7 wrexham court deer park.
                             3023. . . .

wingrid    5:12 pm,  Many thanks. I will get onto it. I will dust
                             off my copy of WinGrid and "Personal Lawyer" to draft a
                             special power of attorney, which will allow you
                             to present my evidence. I'll zip you a copy,
                             along with the affidavit.

                             a handy tool is WinGrid and Personal Lawyer, but its old,
                             and in DOS. .

psych3     5:13 pm,  no problem. . . . .

            The attorney shall further have the special power to use
       this document as an affidavit, to be witnessed after the fact.

            I further give and grant unto my said attorney, in fact, full
       power and authority to do, and perform every act necessary, and
       proper to be done in the exercise of any of the foregoing powers,
       as fully as I might, or could do, if personally present, with full
       power of substitution and revocation, hereby ratifying, and
       confirming all that our said attorney shall lawfully do, or cause
       to be done, by virtue hereof.

            Executed this ___________________ day of ________________,

       ________, at _____________________, New Zealand.

                                     Maxwell James Legg

       New Zealand


            On __________________, ___________, before me, ____________

       a notary public for New Zealand, personally appeared
       Maxwell James Legg, known to me, or proved to me, to be the person
       whose name is subscribed, to the within power of attorney, and
       acknowledged to me, that he or she executed the same.

               (seal)                     Notary Public for New Zealand