wingrid    4:07 pm,  . . . . . . guess what? my counters have started to work
                             again, and you were the only person I told. .

psych3     4:08 pm,  i didnt do anything though?

wingrid    4:09 pm,  I meant maybe it was a nosey script kiddy.

psych3     4:09 pm,  what do u mean? ? ? ? ? ?

wingrid    4:15 pm,  someone playing around at the ISP buggered up
                             all my counters for the last two days. I tell
                             you - presto they're fixed.

                             some coincidence, eh? Unless the counter
                             software was down for maintenance, I'd say it
                             was deliberate provocation against me, only, and
                             whoever did it, got scared when their packet
                             sniffers alerted them to the fact that I had
                             told you, I thought my ISP was involved. My
                             tenure at the ISP is complicated by the fact
                             that I have a 1000 year lifetime account. They hate

psych3     4:16 pm,  oh i see they could have sniffed the message.
                             but sometimes coutners do play up so could be
                             a coincedence, that is if u beleive in
                             coincedences. . . . .

wingrid    4:21 pm,  nothing to it really. I think the universe
                             doesn't work reciprocally in straight lines.
                             But I have learnt to recognize when it starts
                             to rip. It is starting now in the fabric of my
                             universe. . . . At such times I duck.

psych3     4:21 pm,  LOL wise move. .

wingrid    4:23 pm,  I think by now the ISP realizes that a Barry
                             Hart could get them; as well as the newspaper.
                             I shouldn't have anymore problems from them,

psych3     4:24 pm,  yeah hopefully it will be a bit smoother for
                             you. .

wingrid    4:26 pm,  yup - web counter at photo of the millennium ram
                             site now at 243. . . . . 

A week later, when I put this tag in, this counter was 516, at 2:43pm on Jan 6, 2000.
let's see, hmmmm? 516^2/(3*100+216^2/(3^6*2^6/(6*6*6)))-243^2/(3^5)=263
which coincidentally, is something resembling Fermat's last theorem. . . . . . . . . . . . .
wingrid    4:51 pm,  as a matter of evidence, did you go to my
                             home page when I sent the URL and witness the
                             corrupt web counter?

psych3     4:51 pm,  yes i did

wingrid    4:52 pm,  wow, what a discovery! did you recheck it?

psych3     4:53 pm,  no i didnt.

wingrid    4:54 pm,  would you, please? it should read 1246 

A week later, when I put this tag in, this counter was 1461, at 2:43pm on Jan 6, 2000.
which means that something like18% of people's systems were sickened; before getting all this story. . . . . .
psych3     4:54 pm,  sure send the URL again

wingrid    4:55 pm, . . . . .

wingrid    5:02 pm,  I took a direct hit. BSOD 00000:0000000 had to
                             reboot. all my PCs are sick and I need to reload
                             windows. did I loose anything? - your last message?

psych3     5:03 pm,  i just said that it looked fine to me. .

wingrid    5:05 pm,  if a lawyer asks if you saw the counter
                             corrupt and then again ok, according to these
                             messages, you would understand what he asked?

psych3     5:05 pm,  yeah i would. .

wingrid    5:07 pm,  can I send you an outline for an affidavit to
                             get a discovery order against the ISP?

psych3     5:07 pm,  sure. .

wingrid    5:08 pm,  could you send me your name and address. .

psych3     5:09 pm,  eddie traversa.
                             7 wrexham court deer park.
                             3023. . . .

wingrid    5:12 pm,  Many thanks. I will get onto it. I will dust
                             off my copy of WinGrid and "Personal Lawyer" to draft a
                             special power of attorney, which will allow you
                             to present my evidence. I'll zip you a copy,
                             along with the affidavit.

                             a handy tool is WinGrid and Personal Lawyer, but its old,
                             and in DOS. .

psych3     5:13 pm,  no problem. . . . .

                             . . . Special Power Of Attorney. . .

            I, Maxwell James Legg, hereinafter known as j.Maxwell Legg or
       Jimekus or j.Max, wingrid, etc., of 18 Domain Crescent, Muriwai Beach
       Auckland, New Zealand, do hereby appoint Eddie Traversa, of
       7 Wrexham Court, Deer Park, Melbourne Victoria, Australia, my true
       and lawful attorney in fact, for me and in my name, place and
       stead, and for my use and benefit, to. :

       Use psych3's own words to tell it like it really is. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

            The attorney shall further have the special power to
       go on record as witness to confirm the missing 5 pm, message
       and the following image recollections, that were then occasioned.

Click to Download 2.71MB 11sec 5fps AVI file - OppClick to view enlarged.
all there is from the film. . . .

            The attorney shall further have the special power to use
       this document as an affidavit, to be witnessed after the fact.

            I further give and grant unto my said attorney, in fact, full
       power and authority to do, and perform every act necessary, and
       proper to be done in the exercise of any of the foregoing powers,
       as fully as I might, or could do, if personally present, with full
       power of substitution and revocation, hereby ratifying, and
       confirming all that our said attorney shall lawfully do, or cause
       to be done, by virtue hereof.

            Executed this ___________________ day of ________________,

       ________, at _____________________, New Zealand.

                                     Maxwell James Legg

       New Zealand


            On __________________, ___________, before me, ____________

       a notary public for New Zealand, personally appeared
       Maxwell James Legg, known to me, or proved to me, to be the person
       whose name is subscribed, to the within power of attorney, and
       acknowledged to me, that he or she executed the same.

               (seal)                     Notary Public for New Zealand

                   . . . . Messages of the day.
                   Thursday December 30  08:51
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