psych3     1:58 pm,  . . . getting interesting. . .

wingrid    2:00 pm,  I'm waiting for the man who will arrive out of
                             nowhere and tell me never to use a computer
                             again, or they will kidnap my daughter.

psych3     2:01 pm,  well hope it never gets to that. . . . . . . . . . . .

wingrid    2:13 pm,  Such a messenger would be taking a risk of
                             citizen's arrest and being sent to prison.
                        That's assuming my psychic defenses were feeling up
                             to it.

                             Instead, they would have to get Sally first,
                             and like you, I hope they're too disorganized
                             for that.

. .Did instead the universe rapture and Sally rupture; - at least her passport wasn't stolen yet again. This time for good. . . .

                              Cyberwar is another problem though. There
                             surely is a them and it's not just Clinton.
                             I've been probed already and most of my
                             networked Office 97 got disabled. In the end, I
                             had to hand deliver a diskette to Barry.

. . . .
A week later the diskette was said by Barry not to have been readable. He still hasn't seen this photo that I'm spreading . . . .

Click to Download 2.71MB 11sec 5fps AVI file - OppClick to view enlarged.
all there is from the film. . . .

 psych3     2:14 pm,  wow, didnt realise it had got to that. . .

wingrid    2:17 pm,  my ISP is involved - all my counters are
                             disabled. check my homepage and see for

                             that's supposed to be a counter above
                             "name: . . . . . . "

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