. . MERRY Christmas, MR CLINTON. .

Subject:        Clinton's soviet film premiere
    Date:        Monday, 20 Dec 1999 09:51:32 EST
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I would be most appreciative if you could forward any additional info you might have, such as a URL, about the 1983 soviet film you found, which apparently enjoyed Mr. Clinton's participation. The JPEG I received was only in machine language.

Thank you very much in advance. . .

Yours truly,

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>Subject: [prj] Forgive the attachment, but...
>Can this be who I think it is?

Click to Download 2.71MB 11sec 5fps AVI file - OppClick to view enlarged.
all there is from the film. . . .
>The voice on the sound track of this film is very recognizable
>as Clinton. It's from a film called "No To Silent Death" and can
>be found in, (was made in 1983), the "Leningrad People's Library
>of Science Films". . .
>The film used old footage and this copy was found by anarchist-
>film buff and dumpster diver, Bruce Grenville, outside the
>abandoned Auckland office, of the collapsing Soviet Union. It may
>never have had a wide audience.        Subject:             Re: Forgive the attachment, but...
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batesfam@pacbell.net wrote:

> BF>If this is not a joke, please say, what the film is about.
>         "All I know is that I know nothing"-Socrates. . . .

. . Bates,

The film was an anti-war, anti-american and anti-fascist
documentary about chemical warfare. .

> BF>Anti-war and anti-fascist?  Why was the Prez in it then? <-:
>         Just kidding... The President is something of a "Progressive" by
> very moderate standards.  A COMMUNIST?  I do not think so. Rather, I
> would say that he is a Rockefellerian, who probably opposed the City and
> military-industrial complex; "Cold War" agenda.  Still, a film made in
> Moscow. . .That is shocking if true!
>         MHO
>         "All I know is that I know nothing"-Socrates. . .

1st ever Real G2 clip.

archive this clip far and wide; keep it, so we are all safe!