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     ICQ History Log For:
            8278642.  psych3.
     Thursday Dec 30 17:51:21 1999.

wingrid    1:52 pm,  Just catching up on the photo episode. I'm
                             considering a case against the newspaper for
                             criminal negligence.

                             Want the latest URL?

psych3     1:52 pm,  sure send it along. . . .

wingrid    1:55 pm,  http://go.to/SilentDeath. . .

                             N.B. Barry Hart is a New Zealand top criminal lawyer and my

                             . . He now makes a better witness than counsel as he acted like this website couldn't exist and then vanished when asked to hide the film. . .
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9:39 pm
Subject: No To Silent Death - sequel.
From: j.Maxwell Leggclick to read essay on Zyklon-B
. . . . . from the film. . . .
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SJ: text contents of WEBSITE


] hope this comes through ok; - ] haven't used a fax in a while.

This is a collection of publicly saved communications; with the peculiar email indentation.

New Zealand Herald reporter, Bernard Orsman, has seen the film and I seek to prove that he, like others recognizes this to be Clinton. He says it's hard to tell, to which I claim he should have tried all the harder. Is he being criminally negligent towards me by failing to report this; after he promised to protect my identity?

Click to Download 2.71MB 11sec 5fps AVI file - OppClick to view enlarged.
all there is from the film. . . .

Now seen just a little bit clearer in this 2.71MB AVI file, I'm in danger because of Orsman's negligence, and what I know to be true.  He should be doing it not me, or at least be made to pay for my insecurity.

Jim. . . . .
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