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. . "Personal Lawyer". .

By linking WinGrid development to a real life case like the one below, I'm hoping to make you see that it is not only because WinGrid is such a dammed fine legal equalizer, as you may soon learn, but because I've seen programming that will allow user feedback, via colored radio buttons; trickling down these paragraphs. It may also produce acceptable audio-visual forensics in case there's no luck getting a Mr. Poza to produce the novel scientific evidence.

I'd like to thank you quarks who found me a wormhole to the Praat Program. Some of you may hopefully judge the WinGrid AI, here on this website, using your own microphone, leaving a Mr. Poza to simply advise on the solution.

In a few years, with acceptable State-Of-The-Art standards in voice print analysis, hopefully you'll just type your name and speak samples of your voice shouting "you're out numbered ten to one" and saying "by 2001 they'll be able to". Later you'll just speak some words and your browser will type your name. Alternatively you can play this clip from the film and see if your browser will type "Clinton" and take you to his personal library in Arkansas.

all there is from the film. . . .

Other would be attorneys set up my X.COM account for a freely sponsored $20.00 donation by email to a pre-paid legal fund for the likes of a Mr. Poza and the Telecine and other expert witness charges. Who knows, maybe for when I'm railroaded into a proceeding to establish my competence. Rest assured, I will not otherwise be instituting such proceedings. . . and, get this! All balances are refundable to registered PhotoOfTheMillennium@egroups.com1st clipholders.

end of 1st Real G2 clip.
N.B. Why's for me to know and you to find out. But in any case, although the deal has never changed, I stress that a master franchise for trusted deliveries must be set up first. The reason for this hassle is quite above board and was caused by letting go of my U.S. residency, which I now need to get an X.COM account and alas is only available to people in the States. At least my Social Security Number can be used for this purpose. Surely, some US person may do me the favor of letting me collect mail at their address in advance of my visit.
(and try this - in 1983 when the real Mr. Poza worked at SRI International, this organization tried to get me to sign over my [W]Ingrid copyright. I wouldn't then and I sure wouldn't now.)

. . . Locally sourced at a bare minimum of $300 is a high quality AVI file to be emailed out of a Telecine machine and voice comparisons are being sought from TVNZ News archives at a cost to supply on VHS of $140.63 for the first word, $67.50 for each additional word. . Get the picture? ?

Click for WavMeanwhile back at the ranch, free spectrogram scans of Clinton's Grand Jury "IS" testimony continued but didn't turn up any words from Clinton's "You're Out Numbered Ten To One". Audio is sought for when the word "numbered" was spoken on January 20, 1998 in REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AT MEDAL OF HONOR CEREMONY.

If shouting can not be derived from normal speech, I can try a court order but Clinton may die before that ever comes about, besides which there's possible pathological damage in his present "2001" voice (start at 1:52sec) .

Two words match.
Click for sample presentation.Nevertheless, as evidence from these spectrogram samples shows, the words "One" and "Two" came together effortlessly to convince me even further.

Yet I still don't know what I'm looking at to say for sure, as you can see from the similarities in my own voice sample.

MOTIVE:    Internet Wars: What's Hacked Out Of The Coverage

Insurance scams of old involved the insured being blown out of the sky in order to collect. It was left to a whole lot of other dead airline passengers to disguise the perpetrator, a la the current wide scale attacks on the passengers of  Internet Airways, Inc.

If you don't believe me, try seaching for buried reports in the NZ Herald! Ihug, my small fry ISP (100,000 users) has been under consistent attack since I called in the local police to investigate my case. This coincidentally was also at the start of Web War I; the first time in 6 years that Ihug had to put up the 8080 umbrella. What are they looking for and when will it end!!!

Consequently if my message is intentionally blocked to a trickle by the culprit of these attacks, namely the Whitehouse in conspiracy with accused NZ Herald, this provides motive.

In the long run, if I really am to remain as invisible as the F.B.I. intends then why not record a suit and counter suit by the suits and the lost suitor's of Ihug citing this website as probable cause, and get it over with.

"This case goes far beyond a mere matter of compensation between subjects", and, as it happens, is a prime example of what under other circumstances could be structured as a commercial venture, expressly sanctioned, by the
WinGrid Free Public License,
albeit ultimately based on the program. . . . . Archived threads include.

photo of the century surfaces in Grey Lynn villa
photo of the millennium caught clinton en chantage tide.HTML

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relax. The only virus contained herein is this truth.

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. . . . Irrespective of any waiving of particular attorney / client privileges, this story broke because of the will to virtuality inspired in me, by the WinGrid program, my daughter, the razor sharp minds of a lot of dead people, like us, and the brave souls herein.

Daughter Sally, wasn't kidnapped the day this story and her fever started, yet wonders what message we were slipped; sort of like this forged negative of the Norman Kirk Flu. . . After arranging flowers for the Dalai Lama's Christmas conference, she planned to travel on 1/1/0 to Goa; - not go missing for a week, lost in a poisonous fever. . Then we found her travel agent had gone bust leaving her stranded in Katmandu; - better make that Melbourne.

To her and the living I say, the 1st ever Real G2 clip may be valuable as collectors items one day; - it's still available because I'm still unconvinced and back again by popular demand. If you have trouble getting yours, contact me .

Indeed, the odds are that a single collector may wish to master franchise or corner the market; as it were. Ihug, the Puppet Masters and all the others who I've been compelled to insult, please go on record and sue for damages. I'll collate it here, as any crime discovered herein may eventually be prosecuted.

. . . Tuesday 4th January, 0 Y2G, I added this as a draft of the sort of discovery order I need against The New Zealand Herald. But in spite of me falling into contributory negligence traps, a judge may be convinced that there is still a danger of deliberate information loss. Thus the wording for a search warrant could come in handy. Then again, if I don't make a WinGrid solution, documents admitting evidence or requiring the ESR Mount Albert Labs to produce, by forensic testing, a voiceprint analysis comparing all 96 frames, would do.

Is this lawful? Note law cited. . . .

This website will serve as notice of the situation's dangerous propensity .  . . . .

Instructions for Responding to Deposition Subpoena.

New Zealand, Auckland.

Plaintiff, )

Maxwell James Legg.
case ___electronic filing of

Crimes (International Persons) Act 1976 Section 8 Subsection 3b
With Criminal Negligence
by gross departure from acceptable standards the Defendant tacitly withdrew promised identity protection and knowingly exposed the Plaintiff to a spectrum of programmed, probably immediate, and prolonged dangers to life. At least resulting in a range of post traumatic stress disorders in any reasonable person finding themselves under the same "Echelon" surveillance as the Plaintiff, notwithstanding that a reasonable person, may or may not wish to heroically risk life or limb with other unforeseeable contributory negligence. . .

In the
Supreme Court of the United States
D AVID A. W HITE , Petitioner ,
ET AL ., Respondents

Defendant, ) or his designated representative.

You are hereby commanded to produce audio video linked to this, and text analog or digital recordings of any reporting activities and records of all discussions, of any kind pertaining to Mr. Legg, and his photo of a "dead double" of United States President, William Jefferson Clinton, since first handed to senior political reporter, Bernard Orsman, on December 21, 1999 or any date, since that date.

Click to Download 2.71MB 11sec 5fps AVI file - OppClick to view enlarged.
all there is from the film. . . .

You are also to include with this material the times, dates, and number of times each information segment was conveyed to anyone else, without standing.

These documents, or an Internet URL of digital recordings of the same, are to be delivered to the attention of  Mr. Tony Robinson care of SecGuard@SecuriTas.Co.NZ on the 20th day of April, 2000.

This subpoena does require forward notice of your intent to comply as of the 20th day of February, 2000 onwards.

This subpoena does not require your attendance to comply.

In order to allow objections to the production of documents, and things to be filed, you should not produce them until the date specified by this subpoena, and if an objection is filed, until the court rules on the objection, hereof fail not under penalty of the law.

Witness my hand and seal of said court,

at Auckland

New Zealand,

This_________________day of _________________, 2000

_________________________, an officer of the court.