There were two other Elks Lodges in Napanee prior to Napanee Elks Lodge No. 588.

Napanee Elks Lodge No. 14 was Instituted on December 11, 1913. The first E.R. was Dr. C. M. Stratton and the Officers were local businessmen and the Town Mayor. There is no record of this Lodge closing officially, but conjecture has it that the advent of the Great War was the primary reason for the closure. Dr. Stratton distinguished himself as a surgeon serving at the front during the Great War. The Lodge designation of No. 14 then went to Brandon, Manitoba (as was the practice for Lodge numbering at that time) which was Instituted on September 22, 1928.

Napanee Elks Lodge No. 327 was Instituted on December 5, 1949. The E.R. was Charles McConnell and the Secretary was Reginald Hollis. Again, no exact date of closing is recorded but the last correspondence between Grand Lodge and Napanee Lodge No. 327 is dated May 3, 1958. Records indicated a rapid decline in membership and the Lodge fell into arrears with payment of their per capita tax. Of special interest was a letter sent to Grand Lodge dated 1953 where it was noted that the rising popularity of TV was having an adverse effect on attendance, especially "fight nights".

Napanee Elks Lodge No. 588 was instituted on April 24th, 1992 with 26 members. The first Exalted Ruler of Napanee Lodge was Brother Bob McGlashan, who has since held the position of District Deputy of Ontario District 3 for 2 terms and has made his way to Vice President of the Ontario Elks Association for 2000/2001.

Credit goes to Brother Robert Haynes (Ontario P.P. 1998-2000) of Belleville Elks Lodge No. 325 who was instrumental in recruiting the new members to obtain the Lodge Charter for Napanee Elks Lodge No. 588.

Prior to the Lodge being instituted, meetings were held at the Napanee District Secondary School. During negotiations for rental of the dance hall at Napanee Legion Branch 137 for the Ceremony of Institution, a deal was struck to allow the Napanee Elks to use the hall twice each month, first and third Wednesdays, for Lodge meetings. All Napanee Lodge meetings and special events are still held there today. Napanee Elks are very appreciative of the assistance and warm welcome provided by Napanee Legion Branch 137.

Fund raising events have included raffles, dances, yard sales and involvement in charity donation programs through local merchants. District Elks events sponsored by Napanee Elks Lodge include the annual Elks Family Fun Bowl, District 3 sporting events, Santa Claus Parades, and authoring of the Ontario Elks District 3 InterNet website.

Napanee Elks Lodge has been able to provide financial assistance for local families who have been victims of fire and has also been instrumental in obtaining funds for special equipment for local disabled senior citizens and children when no other funding could be obtained.

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District 3 District Deputy Bro. Chuck Brooks

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