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  This is just a small section where I can put story vignettes. These tend to be failed experiments or sections of stories I wanted to play around with: trying optional plot lines, lines of dialogue, or even fragments of stories that never were. These are usually partsof full length novel with characters and situations lifed from those stories. However, these stories were never intended to be finished so for the most part they are left hanging and riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Again, a word of warning: these aren't bed-time stories. They were intended for mature audiences and contain realistic violence and adult themes. There's nothing here that you won't find in your your high-street bookshop, but if this does offend you, don't read them. Simple, huh?

End 3 - Human Memoirs
Updated 12-6-00
 Human MemoirsAn alternate ending of the battle for Weather Rock. 
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Updated 27-6-00
 Human MemoirsI was considering a reversal for Memoirs. I didn't think this showed much promise and came up with a better idea. But here it is in sketch form. 
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Updated 27-6-00
 LOSWThis was a scene I was considering putting in toward the end. However, the tory took a different direction so this go shelved. It's a bit... titilating so discretion is advised (like that ever stopped anyone) 
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Catch The Knife
Updated 24-9-00
 LOSWI had this story knocking around in my head and just had to get it out on paper. How would the future handle a world where it's happened before? 
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