Rotary in Croatia

GŁnter Ertler

Croatia belongs to the Rotarian District 1910. Which also comprises Eastern Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. The CLC (Cummunity Leadership Committee), for which one Rotarian from Austria and two from Croatia are working, was founded as an interactive body between the various clubs but also for communication on district level. Like all the other clubs in District 1910 Croatia also has a regional representative acting on behalf of the governor.

The present eight Rotary Clubs in Croatia are, by alphabetical order, RC Dubrovnik - chartered in 1995, RC Cakovec - chartered in 1997, RC Karlovac - chartered in 1997, RC Osijek - chartered in 1993, RC Rijeka - chartered 1993, RC Split - chartered in 1995, RC Varazdin - chartered in 1993 and RC Zagreb - chartered in 1991. Altogether they have 251 members. Some of this clubs such as Zagreb (founded in 1928), Osijek (founded in 1929), Rijeka (founded as RC Susak in 1930), Dubrovnik (founded in 1934) and Karlovac (founded in 1935) are re-establishments. They had to cease their activities at the beginning of World War II and only after Croatia had become independent in 1991, Rotary clubs were permitted again. In Pula, Sibenik and Zadar Rotary clubs will be founded in the near future.

In the last years Rotarians in Croatia have mainly been committed to supporting people suffering from war damages. Not only kindergartens, homes for disabled and schools were supplied with furniture, working and teaching material and basic equipment, but also medical appliances for hospitals were provided. By replanting a stretch of wood near Dubrovnik, Rotary even supported nature. There are prospects for many more projects aimed at relieving the misery and distress of the Croatian people.




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