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Master Hanshi Temoanarupe Inuhaere

8th Degree Black Belt - Hachi Dan

Kubo Ken Shi Kai
(name given to Hanshi by Grandmaster Soke
Takayuki Kubota)

Born 19th March 1942 - Taumaranui King Country North Island New Zealand
Parent's - Kahukete and Inuhaere - Both Deceased in the early 1950's
Raised in Boys Home Institution and Foster Homes from age 9 years

  • 1951 - First Boxing Lessons - In The Institutional Boys Home

  • 1953 - Introduction to Kung Fu - by Foster Home Guardians (Chinese Family), lived two years with this family until the passing of Mr Jo. Learned basic fundamentals - kicks /blocks - and one Pattern - I still perform today - 2006

The beginning and start to my martial arts - ( Thank You Mr Jo )

  • 1955 - Introduction to Judo - Judo - Boxing - Kung-Fu is part of the Karate syllabus I Teach.

  • 1960 - Sensei Kuniaki Amano is another teacher sadly missed - who's life was taken by leukaemia

  • 1969 - Become a student of karate legend - Grandmaster Soke Takayuki Kubota

I am a loyal and dedicated student to this day, 2006.


  • 1969 to 2005 - I was extremely privileged, honoured and blessed to have travelled, trained and spent some brief moments with martial art masters and their respective disciplines. I gained a tremendous amount of wealth and knowledge In the way of budo from the various masters. I instil the knowledge gained, to the students I teach.  I consider myself very very fortunate.

  • 2005 - Returned to native country, New Zealand.

  • 2006 - Opened up new Hombu

These great masters gave a moment of their time - to share their knowledge with me. I'm tremendously grateful.  I am not a man that’s full of ones own importance. I take no credit for the art I teach.

Master Hirokazu Kanazawa – Shotokan
Master Yoshiki Shibata – Kenjukai
Master Fumio Demura - Shito Ryu
Master Chew Chew Soot – Budokan
Master Gogen Yamaguchi - Goju Kai
Master Takayuki Mikami – Shotokan
Master Gordon Doversola - Okinawa Te
Master Hong Hi Choi – Taekwondo
Master Ed Parker – Kempo
Master Matsutatsu Oyama - Kyokushinkai  -  interview only (ideas and ideals)
Master Morio Higoanna - Okinawa Goju Ryu
Master Masayuki Hisataka - Shorinji Ryu
Master Takemasa Okuyama – Shotokan
Master Hiro kobayashi - Nippon Seibukan
Master Keinosuke Enoeda – Shotokan
Master Yasufumi Ono – Seigokan
Master Gosei Yamaguchi - Goju Kai
Master Tadashi Yamashita - Shorin – Ryu
Master Osamu Ozawa – Shotokan
Master Hiroshi Yoshida - Wado Ryu
Master Gary Alexander - Isshin Ryu
Master Hideyuki Ashihara - Ashihara Sabaki
Master Terry Oniel – Shotokan
Master Sho Kosuji

Sadly some masters have passed on - their spirits - wisdom and knowledge will live forever. Remembered and never forgotten by martial art practitioners that breathe budo.

I am a Martial Arts Teacher - so I can teach - and not to be known
I am a Martial Arts Teacher - to teach the traditions and values - so it will not be lost

I am a Martial Arts Teacher - for the martial arts - and to that end

Temoanarupe Inuhaere

Other Noted Martial Arts Practitioners - trained with in Australia - USA – Canada

Mr Chuck Norris
Mr Joe Lewis
Mr Bill Wallace
Mr Benny Urquidez
Mr Wally Slocki
Mr Dan Ianosantos
Mr Ernie Reyes
Mr Tonney Tulleners - (The only man to beat Chuck Norris 3 times collectively)
Mr Roy Kurban - ( Now a Texas Justice Judge USA )
Mr William (Billy) Blanks
To many to name.

Acknowledgement: The Late -

Mr. Tom Hodgeman, Mr. Tere Maorikava, Mr. Lawrie Hargreaves, Mr. George Whaanga, Mr. Mike Lee, Mr. Tony Cauldwell, Mr. John Bonniface, Mr. George Studd, Mr. Steve Kitson, Mr. Taui Paku, Mr. Steve Takiwai, Mr. Ron Mclausland - IKA Hdqtrs, Mr. George Byrd - IKA Hdqtrs and Mr. Carmen Fiorgine - Canada.

Back: Purcell, Purcell, Daniels, Unuia, Iaone
Front: Marshall, Mackie, Poorcell, Hanshi, Tahu

Judging: Master Ceberano, Hanshi, Doman, Mather and Okuyama
Hanshi's daughter Janelle and winning kata Tamashii

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