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Indian Motorcycle Adventures is a New Zealand company with 15 years experience of operating fully guided tours in India on classic Royal Enfield Bullets. In a three week long tour of ancient Rajasthan, we take in its romantic palaces, forts, temples and wildlife reserves at a relaxed pace, travelling on country roads. Our “Over the Top” ride in the Himalayas takes you across the 2 highest motorable passes in the world in 18 days. Our tours take you straight to the heart of Indian life and will leave you with indelible memories.

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Steve Krzystyniak and his wife Lily Guilford have been the proud owner operators of Indian Motorcycle Adventures Ltd for 15 years. Our company specializes in motorcycle tours in India and we are the only Australasian company regularly operating tours in Rajasthan. Over our many years of touring in Rajasthan we have made many friends and are well known and respected there. This enables us to open many secret doors and enhance your experience of India. We conduct our Rajasthan tour personally and will assist you from your first enquiry to our Parakai office to our group’s farewell dinner in Delhi. ¬†Kamal, our partner of many years operates our Himalayan tours bringing a unique local flavour to your journey through his very own Himalayan backyard. We are experts on all aspects of motorbike touring in India and will personally guide you in all matters from what to eat, to getting a ‘bargain’ souvenir. We offer ‘hands on’ leadership throughout your adventure.¬†

Why pick Indian Motorcycle Adventures?

In recent years a number of both Western and Indian travel operators have been marketing low budget tours which appear to be similar to ours. Some have closely mimicked our web pages and domain name and attempted to follow our itineraries. We have heard a great deal of feedback about some of these newbies and many are in our opinion poorly researched bus tours translated on to bikes. They often travel dangerously long distances almost exclusively along 4 lane highways with almost no cultural input, staying in poor quality hotels. We promise you the motorcycling experience of a lifetime and as they say, when you pay the price of a Lada, it is unreasonable to expect a BMW.
Our tours have been developed over 15 years with Kiwi and European bikers in mind, sticking as far as possible to picturesque country roads that we are passionate about riding on. We concentrate upon meeting the locals on our journey and immersing our clients in Indian culture. We experience many secret aspects of Indian day to day life while staying in high quality and friendly accommodation. Unlike many of our new competitors we do not make any of our living by herding our clients from one commissionable shopping experience to another.
If in doubt, ask to speak to some of our many hundreds of past clients from New Zealand and all over the world, we will gladly put you in touch with a number of them, they are still by far our best advert.

Royal Rajasthan is India at its most historic and colourful. Visit ruined medieval forts, sumptuous palaces and wildlife reserves as we meander through the country back roads of this romantic state MORE Ride across the Tibetan Plateau and over the 2 highest motorable passes in the world. Experience Buddhist culture and spectacular scenery as we ride alongside the headwaters of the mighty Indus River. MORE
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October 2015: Depart October 10, Return October 31 June 2015: Depart June 27, Return July 17
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