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These pages will provide you access to healing, counselling and psychotherapy resources that are realistic, practical and effective. A hallmark of this transpersonal approach is its broad acceptance and understanding of the many different, and valid, paths that we travel upon on our journey through life and towards the greater wholeness of spirituality.

Through this site, you have access to professional counselling and healing from fully qualified staff that have an ongoing private professional practice in these areas. The staff's deep commitment to personal spiritual development, often spanning many decades of focussed work, enables you to deal with your concerns and issues in a practical, spiritually-grounded way. On these pages, you will also find a variety of useful self-help material related to self-growth through personal and spiritual exploration.

Moving Boat.

Your Path through Life is Unique

Each one of us has a special destiny and it is our right and privilege to work towards it. The friends we choose, the family we grow up with, our beliefs, our habits, the mistakes we make, the community we create--they are all our own learnings, challenges and spiritual gifts.

No matter how up or down you are now, or how rocky and twisted your road has been, you are to be honoured and respected--for you have come a long way on the road of life and your path on that road is important and unique. It is in accord with the greater whole that we all simply want to be happy and ok and hope for a better tomorrow.

Weathering the Journey

Here you can find support and care, and, someone to talk to, regarding any problems or concerns you might be having just now, for instance:

Regardless of what you may be up against or riding through at the moment, it IS possible for you to achieve the insight and courage you require in order for you to do what needs to be done. This is because the counselling approach available to you through these Transpersonal Services incorporates the use of subtle energy techniques such as radionics and spiritual healing. That is, during counselling you receive solid support at an emotional and practical level but you also receive subtle energetic guidance to help shift your bioenergetic and "karmic" patterns towards greater health and wholeness.

It is the combined effect of putting effort into positive transformation at all these levels that can make the difference for you. Thus, this style of counselling work helps to cultivate change in emotion, thought, physical well-being, personal choice and action, and subtler psychic and spiritual energies. The shaping of an increased awareness of the broader relational, social, cultural and spiritual context is also an important part of this service.

What's on Offer?

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A Healing Metaphor -- the Deep Unconscious


Before you move on to the service you are after, you might find it useful to consider what the rather fierce-looking deity shown here on the right could possibly have in common with you. He is called Vajrakilaya and is a protection deity in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. His scary appearance is meant to represent the strength and power of righteousness to deal with confusion and other forces that are more of a hindrance than a help on the journey through life.

What is especially interesting about this being, is that he also represents such a power within us. A potent yet latent psychological and spiritual force. That is, we all have resources, very deep resources, that are available to us if we will only make the effort to find and open to them. And further, this figure reminds us that there are parts of our own psyches that are helpful and wise, and yet, on the surface, don't appear beautiful and sweet as in the more romantic notion of angels. Truly many of our most difficult moments can lead to tremendous depth and wisdom. Well, anyway, just something you might like to ponder while you surf on your way.

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