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Om Mani Padme Hum.

Throughout this page you will find unsolicited referrals and comments by past clients of Transpersonal Psychotherapy services. This page also contains some inspirational letters from past correspondences.

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Referrals and Letters of Thanks

Healing for a Psychic

"Thank you for your reply to my request. The reasons I have requested help in finding balance is that I am an empath and have other gifts I have yet learned to understand. Dealing with others' emotions day in and day out is difficult when one does not know how or why this is happening. I have had to learn on my own what I need to do to ground myself, but without guidance finding balance has been a very difficult journey. Thank you for your healing energies. You are appreciated."

Inspired to Help Others

"I don't begin to understand how you as a person can commit to the time it takes to respond personally to everyone who contacts you--free of the commercial shroud that seems to hang over so many others. I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude. You don't know (or maybe you do???) how much your work and dedication does to restore faith in humanity. In due time, I will bring my own path into focus and help others--something I've wanted to do since I responded to the doctor who asked me what I wanted out of life, saying "I want to help people and have a family." Your encouragement and kindness have helped me greatly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart--and that seems to be pretty deep! Blessings to you!"

Found a Job

"Thank you for everything you have done. Things have picked up tremendously for me, especially financially ( I have a very good job now.)"

No More "But's"

"Thank you for taking the time to reply to my request, i deeply appreciate the sentiment in all that you said, and i know all is true. I will not say 'but'.......just that i have begun to take your advice, and i am slowly working towards my goals. I am receiving some therapy which i feel certain will help me to uncover much about me that i have pushed to the surface. Already, i have received some very positive results just through my ability to open up a bit more. Thanks again."

Getting Motivated

"I am grateful for your encouraging words. Since my original email to you I've signed up for an online course. Our correspondence has provided a bit of a catalyst for me to get off my butt and do something about my situation. I'm more engaged now and that is certainly progress. Thanks again."

A Support Beam

"Thanks so much for your words of support. Sometimes I forget ( or should I say..choose not to listen to) my guides... I don't know why.... I am going to keep your email as a support beam ... I don't know your story of how and why you do what you do and how my email ended up in your lap but I am very grateful for your help."

Piecing It Back Together

"Thanks for writing back to me. I found it a great help. I know that I have already started putting many of the things that you mentioned into practice and it was a comfort to hear that I was going down the right track. I felt that you managed to understand my situation very well. My situation is so awkward and I feel that I have been through so much that you are right in saying that it is now time for me to look after my own heart. It is funny, but I was thinking about this and I feel like I have forgotten how to do that. I have forgotten how to care of myself because I always put so much into caring for others. I am however, taking steps to remind myself. It has been a hard process all in all but I hope that now, with all the answers that I have I can piece something back for myself. I would once again like to thank you for your supportive and honest advice."

Helpful Healing

"Thank you so very much for your lovely email; it was very kind of you to reply, and to write with so much relevant info. I wrote to quite a few people such as yourself, and have to say that you have been the only one who has been prepared to offer help without asking for money. I appreciate that very much, as you can imagine I have spent much money trying to get to the source of this, and have to say that most of your ideas I am now working on. I truly need that sort of guidance/help/energy and I am very grateful for that from you, and very open to receive that. Thank you once again. I very much appreciate your feedback in this. God Bless."

Simply Thanks

"I just wanted to write to you and say thank you for your help and wisdom. I only wish that there were more people in the world like you. Thank you again."

Energy At Work

"Thank you for answering my email and sending your healing energies my way. I must share with you that there were a couple things in your email that rung true. Thank you for listening. :) I must say I was thrilled to hear from you, in fact I'm still sitting here smiling as I write this. I just feel good about this day, must be your energy working. Thank you again."

Working It Out

"hello! thank you so much for your most valuable advice .. i may be able to see things differently now and feel it's very normal for me to experience all this .. i will try to follow whatever u have told me and try to work these small things out ..and will keep whatever u have said in mind .. thanks so much .. i appreciate your help."


Trust Your Own Abilities

"At times when it all gets too much it may be wise to pull the sails in a wee bit. Can you think of one or two "small" things that you really are interested in and that you COULD make some effort towards achieving? There is a saying: "inch by inch, it's a cinch".

Go for small gains. Just a simple step forward toward your goals. If you stand looking at the towering mountain, well, anyone would feel unsure and want to back off. You CAN be assured about SOME things. What are they? You know yourself well enough to trust your own abilities. You have achieved a lot already and there is no reason why you should not achieve a whole lot more. Trust your intuition--it is a good ally of yours.

Also, please take the time to share your feelings with one or two close friends and family that you trust and who will listen to you with an open heart. Try to accept their support and let it sink into your core. You really are worth caring for, just as you are, right now.

It is true that our habits have a way of keeping us in line--either to the good or the bad. But you can trust that if you will but take the time and effort to try, you WILL find the help and support you need to begin rewriting the story of your life. Going it alone is a hard and ultimately unprofitable way to proceed. Whom might you join in with to explore some of the many fine avenues open to you for self-discovery and betterment? What new group could you join to be around people with a caring, positive approach to life?

There ARE people who will be happy for you as you reach out and who WILL support your renewed interest in well-being. This is just how life is and you should know that you are no different than anyone else.

We all must suffer a bit and have some good fortune a bit. Your feelings seem to suggest that perhaps there is some pain on the "inside" that is trying to tell you of its presence. You might like to explore some self-help books on how to investigate your feelings and find out what the underlying cause for your feelings might be. If you follow through on this you very well may have some relief from your current situation.

Further, if you can find the resources, you would probably find some personal counselling or psychotherapy very helpful. This is because often the traumas and hurts we experience in earlier life find their way deep into our unconscious mind and it can be a real chore to weed out such unwanted guests when we try to do so all by ourselves. A therapist can provide the appropriate care and reflection to bring these "beasties" into the open where they can be re-educated into more wholesome energies. If this isn't a possibility now, keep it in mind for later--it is also a very good means for opening up our hearts so that we can truly move forward on the spiritual path.

Well, sometimes you simply need to outfox the unhappiness inside. At times, your heart doesn't believe a good life is possible because of some hurt inside you. But, your heart DOES believe it at other times, too. When was the last time you really enjoyed your good fortune and friends?

Now, one way to honour this hurting part but also to help re-educate it, is to "think outside the box". That is, jump out of the ordinary and routine and do something strikingly novel and different. And in this place of newness, you have a chance to take a really good look round and drink it all in--deeply in.

How might you do something WORTHWHILE and really different? What would be out of the routine for you? Is there an organisation you could help out with or join? When you find this opportunity to break free from your normal routine, give it everything you have to be real and make friends, share deeply with others and marvel at the sheer wonder of it all.

This type of attitude, coupled with actual experience, can help shake you out of the deadlock you may be at times feeling in your heart. You DO have loads of love and energy in your heart. It IS there. You just need to share it and enjoy it. And the more you do so, the more you will begin to accept it as being the norm for you.

You don't need to be stuck in unhappiness. Just honour your sadness when it does arise. It is real and deserves respect too. But also rejoin your path to happiness and wisdom as the sadness abates. Don't fight the sadness, just be totally for your well-being. Your heart will do the rest.

Try to take some time out to slow down and simply be with your loved ones, nature and yourself. Joy is still waiting for you. It is always with us. We just need to sometimes say "no" to all the hurts and distractions that will pull us away.

In such a quiet space, one that honours you, you will find the wisdom and nourishment you need to make the right choices on these matters. What resouces do you have available to help you at this time? Which friends and relatives can you rely upon and share your heart with? What do your "inner guides" have to tell you?

In this life, what you really want and need you WILL get. This is because you really DO deserve your heart's desires. It is your birthright and no experience, however difficult, can ever fully take this right away from you. In essence, God wants our well-being and contentment. We just have to do our parts too. What parts do you have to play? How might you engage with them in renewed vigour and hope?

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