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This page explains the options available to you for transpersonal counselling, psychotherapy and healing. It includes a detailed description of services and their related fees. You may find the availability of a service that combines professional counselling and psychotherapy with subtle energy healing techniques to be fairly rare in the area where you reside. Fortunately, the internet has made it possible to make these spiritually-based services available to the wider community. And as technology rapidly advances, we can look forward to the common availability of these services via internet video and phone.

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Overview of Services

The emphasis of the Transpersonal Services available through this site is on longer-term personal work to deal with those issues that are "on top" for you at the moment. Thus, the minimum counselling service includes six email sessions. It has been our experience, and of many therapists, that only when you are willing to put some real effort into acknowledging and stepping up to your problems and concerns, can you have a hope of effecting some lasting change for yourself. In fact, modern psychological research shows that your individual motivation and effort is the single most important factor in assuring positive results through therapy.

So, single session email counselling is not encouraged through this site. It is available for urgent requests but its cost is set at a premium price. If you are sincerely interested in working through some concerns of yours, we strongly recommend that you look for a therapist, either locally or over the internet, that will offer you some short-term ongoing support. In ordinary counselling practice, what is known as "Brief Therapy" usually takes from half a dozen to a dozen or two dozen sessions to complete. And this is the model that we are using here for these Transpersonal Services.

Longer-term work, which is more appropriate for deeper psychotherapeutic issues, can also be supported via this web site. If you are interested in further information about such a therapy option, please contact us via email and we will be happy to discuss your individual concerns and questions with you. Usually such serious focussed work begins with a trial period of assessment for both you and the therapist. Thereafter, if you are still interested, and both you and the therapist are satisfied that longer-term work is the best choice for you, the number of sessions and fee can be arranged. To get an idea of your options and investment for this, check the 24 week plans in the following table listing of services. Long-term psychotherapy would be a minimum of 30 weeks and have a weekly rate reduced from the relevant 24 week counselling rate depending on the negotiated length of work.

The counselling and psychotherapeutic models primarily used for this work include: hakomi, gestalt, object relations, cognitive behavioural and transpersonal. The spiritual "tuning" practices used in this work include: radionics, kinesiology, qi gong, yogic visualisation and meditation, and prayer. If you have any particular beliefs, understandings or techniques that you might want to work with during this service, they can readily be incorporated into the therapy. A general overview of the staff's spiritual model can be reviewed through the Spiritual Teachings pages.

Options for Working with the Therapist

There are a variety of currently available, and forthcoming, technology options to augment the conventional email correspondence that underpins online counselling and healing. Other possible options that you may wish to discuss with us include:

There is no obligation on your part for exploring these options or contacting us regarding any other questions you may have about these professional services.

Available Services and Fees

(in US Dollars)
Counselling - includes Continuous General Radionics
Counselling1 session, includes continuous general radionic healing for a week ($100 @ session)$100
Counselling6 sessions, one per week, includes continuous general radionic healing ($70 @ session)$420
Counselling12 sessions, one per week, includes continuous general radionic healing ($65 @ session)$780
Counselling24 sessions, one per week, includes continuous general radionic healing ($60 @ session)$1440
Counselling - with Continuous Personal Radionics,
also includes Work with a Spiritual Healer
Counselling1 session, includes continuous personal radionic healing for a week and a session with a spiritual healer ($140 @ session)$140
Counselling6 sessions, one per week, includes continuous personal radionic healing and a weekly session with a spiritual healer ($110 @ session)$660
Counselling12 sessions, one per week, includes continuous personal radionic healing and a weekly session with a spiritual healer ($100 @ session)$1200
Counselling24 sessions, one per week, includes continuous personal radionic healing and a weekly session with a spiritual healer ($90 @ session)$2160
Healing - with Continuous General Radionics
Healing1 week, continuous general radionic healing ($60 @ week)$60
Healing1 month, continuous general radionic healing ($50 @ week)$200
Healing3 months, continuous general radionic healing ($45 @ week)$540
Healing6 months, continuous general radionic healing ($40 @ week)$960
Healing - with Continuous Personal Radionics,
also includes Work with a Spiritual Healer
Healing1 week, continuous personal radionic healing, includes one session with a spiritual healer ($100 @ week)$100
Healing1 month, continuous personal radionic healing, includes one session per week with a spiritual healer ($90 @ week)$360
Healing3 months, continuous personal radionic healing, includes one session per week with a spiritual healer ($80 @ week)$960
Healing6 months, continuous personal radionic healing, includes one session per week with a spiritual healer ($70 @ week)$1680
Transpersonal Services Available to You

Description of Services

Counselling and Psychotherapy

The available counselling packages are grouped by the number of sessions. Normally one email exchange would occur per week. Other intervals, for instance, biweekly, are also available. A normal series of sessions would go something like the following: In the first session you would write about your main concerns and provide some background material. You can have a look at the Spiritual Counselling FORM to get an idea of what would be requested, or to take a trial run. The therapist would reply to your initial email and then begin working with you to refine your goals and expectations for the remaining sessions.

Often "homework" assignments would be discussed, and agreed upon with you. These are tasks that you can perform during the week between your therapy sessions. They often include small, practical, constructive steps and actions that you can take toward some of your goals. As well, such homework can include book readings, personal work such as journalling, and creative activities such as drawing with your non-dominant hand. There is much room for exploration and mutual development of these tasks. So rest assured, such homework is not much like the stuff you may have had to endure during your school years. These tasks are meant to help you tap into your own creative and intuitive abilities as well as support you in coming to grip with your feelings and hopes. And often they are fun!

An important component of this therapy--and what sets it apart from much mainstream practice--is its use of energetic techniques to help facilitate your development and the resolution of your concerns. As an example, flower essences are special preparations from flowers that are often used by alternative practitioners to aid their clients deal with emotional problems. During this counselling service, you might receive a radionic treatment that included some flower essence rates. Basically, this means that the energetic qualities of the selected flower essences would be sent to you via distant healing. So, after a particular session, to continue the example, you might be feeling a bit "frayed at the edges". But with the radionic treatment of flower essences, your mood would be supported to stabilise and be nourished much more rapidly than if you had not received such a treatment.

This general principle applies to other aspects of the counselling process. For instance, if one of your main goals for a series of sessions was to be more confident during a certain event, say at work, the radionic and spiritual treatments could target "confidence" as the key vibrational factor to balance and strengthen. In fact, any concern or goal can be incoporated into such a protocol.

Radionic and Spiritual Healing

The use of subtle energy techniques for distance healing is a well-established tradition within the alternative and esoteric spiritual communities. You can check the Free Spiritual Healing/Counselling page for some more info and pointers to many useful further resources on this topic. For the purposes of these transpersonal services, the main distinction lies in whether the energy sent to you is packaged in a general way or is sent in a more customised fashion.

The "general" radionic transmission referred to in the above table is a standard practice of most spiritual healers. Because many such healers receive far too many requests to be able to answer them individually, these healers use a method whereby they put all their received requests into one "prayer basket". They then send healing energies through the basket, so to speak. That is, they treat their many requests as if they were just one and focus on finding the right healing frequencies for this "one request". This saves much time and in general is sufficiently effective to help many people.

Of course, if such focus were applied to an individual rather than the individual as part of a group prayer basket, the healing effect would be increased. So, this is the distinction between general and personalised healing. In effect, the more precise the aim of the spiritual healer, the more direct the healing becomes. As an example, if a person requests healing to help with a mending broken bone, and the healer adds this person's request to a general prayer basket, the energies sent would have to be general purpose signals that would need to "trickle down" to the specific complaint. But if this person's request was targetted specifically, a healer would send energy specifically to the required physical and energetic locations.

Generally, customised work is more effective and sure. But there are also plenty of examples, and even some scientific research, which suggest that general healing can be as effective, or even more effective than specialised healing. So, take your pick. Clearly, customised work requires more effort on the part of the healer during analysis and diagnosis so it is normal to find that psychic and spiritual healers charge more for custom work than for general purpose support.

The "weekly session with a spiritual healer" refers to custom work done by a staff member experienced with energy techniques that are mediated by consciousness rather than a radionics device. In other words, for those services that include spiritual healing, a staff member will devote an entire healing session using methods such as yogic visualisation and channelling for the benefit of an individual client.

The normal procedure for healing work that combines radionic with spiritual work is for a radionic session to occur first. Whether this is general or custom, it allows a basic healing template and connection to be made for a client. Such radionics healing is continous. What happens is that an analysis is conducted and then the appropriate healing rates selected. These are set in a device and then left in the "on" state for the duration of the week. Thus a client receives a continuous, steady, gentle stream of radionic "correction" signals. Then, sometime during the week, one of staff will send healing psychic and spiritual energy as best suited for the client's needs. This cycle repeats for each week of the service. That is, first radionic rates are selected, then they are loaded into a radionics device which continuously broadcasts them, and finally a spiritual healing session is also included to complement the radionic correction signals.

Due to the experience of the staff at Transpersonal Services, we are confident in offering you radionic and spiritual healing as a stand-alone product as well as using it in our counselling work. Because we firmly believe in, and have experienced, the value of these subtle energy methods, we have packaged the above services to include spiritual healing as part of the counselling process. You may note, in fact, that we have purposely reduced the price for combined counselling and energy healing to ensure that you have access to such profound and helpful techniques.

How to Request a Service

If you have decided upon a service, you can simply use either the Spiritual Counselling FORM or the Radionic Spiritual Healing FORM to begin your first session. And if you are still deciding, you also might like to have a peek at these forms and perhaps a bit of a play.

The forms will guide you through an exploration of your primary concerns at present. They are structured to gather information whilst supporting you in creatively accessing your inner resources. Each form includes a colour palette that you can use to help with answering some of the questions. A short guided meditation based on the principle of mindfulness will help you to frame your main message.

Payment Options

We are working on the honour system and expect payment to be initiated at the time of the first session, or, sometime within the first several sessions for services that span a month or more. At the time of your initial request, you can use the appropriate form to also choose your preferred means of payment. Your options include:

Upon receipt of your intial form request, we will email you the necessary data and contact details for you to make payment for your purchase. You will need to reply, in turn, and let us know if the arrangements are satisfactory, and if so, let us know that you are initiating payment. Upon receipt of this confirmation from you, we will respond to your letter for the first session. Typically, your payment should be credited to our account sometime around the second session.

A facility for secure, online credit card transactions is currently being arranged for this site. Until it is available, you can pay with credit card by simply sending your card details to us via secure, encrypted email, or if you prefer, via regular post.

If you have any questions regarding these services or your payment choices, please feel free to write to us and we will be glad to try and arrange something suitable for you.

Limited Time, SPECIAL Offer!

For a limited time you can purchase one of the above transpersonal service counselling packages with

the First Two Sessions for FREE!

So, for instance, the 6 session counselling package with general radionic healing, normally priced at $420, would be less two sessions at $70 each so your total investment would be $280. That makes it less than $47 @ session!

Disclaimer: What Results Can You Expect?

Counselling and Psychotherapy

As these are professional services, you can expect a standard of quality comparable to what you would normally find in the marketplace. Because the staff are all trained professional therapists, you can expect to receive competent and sensitive, caring attention during your counselling sessions. Moreover, all staff adhere to a Code of Ethics from the New Zealand Association of Counsellors and/or the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists. In partial fulfilment of these ethics, all staff undergo ongoing personal supervision. This assures you of a high quality of work and indirectly, but effectively, brings the wisdom and insight of a second professional therapist to your counselling sessions. As an added measure of safety, the email exchange can provide you a documented trace of your therapy sessions.

Remember that much of the results from counselling and psychotherapy will come from your own effort and skilful perseverance. These services can provide you a sounding-board for your ideas and possibly offer some ideas in return, but it is your life and in the end, only you can make things go the way you would like for them to. If you find yourself feeling seriously overwhelmed or unsure of what is happening during your work with these services, please contact us straight away and also consider checking with a relevant professional locally.

Radionic and Spiritual Healing

Because more subtle energy domains are involved, and these domains are in general less deterministic, the best way to approach the spiritual healing aspect of this work is to consider it as an influence and suggestion of healing rather than a guarantee. Sometimes spiritual healing can work, sometimes not. Sometimes the cure can be complete, sometimes only partial. However, there are some general standards that you can expect for this area too. Radionics, and to a lesser extent, spiritual healing, can be likened to homoeopathy. The major difference being that, in the context of these web services, radionics and spiritual healing are used for remote healing.

Thus, in general, the least you might expect from the healing work being offered is a relative rate of cure comparable to that which you would obtain from a fairly well-trained homoeopath. This healing work has the potential to be much more effective than that, but as a safe benchmark for your peace of mind, you may want to set your expectations to the suggested level. Still, it is of real help if you can also try to be open to the possibility of even more effective cure. Radionic and spiritual work can certainly be dramatically powerful at times. And, at other times, it may take a much longer, more sustained effort to achieve some progress.

As part of the professional healing services, you can ask for an email copy of the radionic and subtle energy diagnosis and curative rates being used. If you require such assurance, these may give you the confidence that, in fact, your invested money is actually going towards a real service.

Please be assured that the best possible effort will be made on your behalf. Unfortunately, a complete cure for your condition can not be promised. But, you will receive supportive etheric energy that will contribute, in at least some way, towards your overall healing. Further, you can count on having some goodwill sent your way so that perhaps, then, your day may become a bit brighter too. We wish that for you.

Concessions on Price and Variations of Service

If you have any questions regarding variations on the described services or are sincerely finding it difficult to meet the prescribed fee, contact us and we can discuss your individual situation.

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