OFFICE ADDRESS:  49 Moray Place, Dunedin
TELEPHONE:  (03) 477-4938
POSTAL ADDRESS:  PO Box 5067, Dunedin


We publish a monthly newsletter, Greenscene, keeping the public up to date on what's happening at the Dunedin Environment Centre, - workshops,  organics news, and environmental news. We distribute the newsletters around Dunedin, and copies are also available from our office.


A demonstration organic garden in the city!
Located at Shetland Street Reserve, Kaikorai Valley. The Community Gardens are adjacent to the Arai te uru Marae,  Balmacewen School and residential housing also border the site, making it an exciting location for interaction with the public and existing community groups.
We have:
- A Mandala herb / vegetable garden system
- A shade house for native plant propagation and growing
- Tunnel houses for hothouse plant growing
- Demonstration Knights Templar Composting systems

The purpose of this project is to promote the concept of organic growing in our city, and to offer individuals the ability to develop skills and knowledge on organic growing. We also hold workshops on site, for example - we recently hosted a Biodynamics day.
One idea for the future is to propagate bulk supplies of 'Heritage' - old pest and disease resistant veges and fruit varieties, and to make these available to the public through our central office. We go to the gardens Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, weather permitting, so come down to our central city office at 10am on these mornings, and we will take you there.


A local stream based ecological restoration project, commenced in December 1996, with the objective of stimulating other groups to look after their neighbouring pieces of stream. This has been taken up by two schools and three other local groups already, including the Balmacewen Lions Club, with the result that 10% of the stream is now being restored.

- Kaikorai Valley, Shetland Street Reserve; Ellis Park / Frasers Gully Reserve; Kaikorai Reserve; Abbot's Creek; Kaikorai Valley College.

FUTURE SITES: - Kaikorai Valley: Donald Street; Meadow Fresh; Kaikorai Common

-Wildlife monitoring in streams and forests in Kaikorai, Lindsays and Leith
-Restoration around Waikouaiti River and Merton Estuary (supporting the local group)

VOLUNTEERS:  We need volunteers to assist with planting of native species, weeding and creating further pathways; Please contact our office, and we can arrange transport to the sites.


The Environment Centre office acts  as a local information point for the Southern  Seed
Exchange, which is based in Christchurch at the 'Seven Oaks' Polytechnic campus.
In the future we hope to establish a local seed bank.


This is a non-profit venture which has received an overwhelming community response,
with bikes being donated almost daily. We  need tools, helmets and assistance with repair work. We aim to provide a bike to everyone in the city who needs one!
If you wish to borrow a bike, or if you can offer any assistance, please contact the office,
or you can telephone Dan, the Bike Co-ordinator, directly:  021-253-4891.


We are agents for the 'Willing Workers On Organic Farms' scheme.
Members have access to Organic home-stay hosts, New Zealand wide, in exchange for work on the host's property. This is an excellent way to see NZ and to gain hands-on experience in Organics, whilst being part of a cultural exchange. This scheme is very popular with both international and NZ tourists.  You can join the' WWOOFer' scheme at our office.


We try to match people offering rides with those requesting them. So when you are travelling by car and have space, or are travelling "by the thumb", phone us, or come into the office. We will connect you!! We set the rate of exchange for you, and in return we ask a small koha (donation) if you can afford it.

The Christchurch Environment Centre has also set up a 'Ride On Line' website for travellers to share rides throughout the country.


We are involved with Bio monitoring: This entails getting to know Dunedin's wildlife through surveying streams, wetlands, forests etc, establishing a baseline of knowledge, and writing a plan for the restoration of eco-systems, native plants and animals, to healthy abundance.


We are currently establishing a network of Otago people who are involved in Organics, with the aim of providing our central office as an information point, and creating a database of who's who and what is happening around the region. We also hope to assist with further workshops, local seed and resource swapping, farm visits,  and marketing co-ops.  If you have any ideas for this new scheme, or if you would like to help in any way, please contact us at the office:

Phone 477-3938 or