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You have reached the homepage of Neville Forsythe; teacher, musician, dabbler in a variety of artistic pursuits, author of "That Mountain Must Come Down, a visit to Peel Forest South Canterbury". 
You are invited to browse the accompanying pages as you will.  I hope there will be something of interest to you.

A little about myself:  Male of Scots, Irish/Scots and English descent, I am a third or fourth generation New Zealander, depending on which side of my family tree you look.  Born in Ashburton New Zealand, I have lived in Christchurch for 40 years.
Initially a primary school teacher with a specialist interest in Music, I taught at primary and intermediate schools in Christchurch for 12 years, before following my talents in woodwind playing and teaching, into the secondary school service where I teach as an itinerant or peripatetic woodwind teacher. i.e I travel on a weekly schedule to schools to teach woodwind instruments to small groups and individual pupils.

My principal performance instruments are:

Bassoon (20 years principal in Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, ending in 1992).
Recorder (intermittent appearances for Brandenburg 4 as well as baroque trio sonatas).

Piano – member of Hot Ora Combo trio – jazz and light music for weddings etc

Bassoon - member of Silencio New Music Ensemble established 2005

Other woodwind instruments on which I play and teach:


An interest in early music developed through my recorder playing has extended to include Renaissance instruments such as crummhorn, shawm, dulcian, gemshorn, cornetto, three-holed pipe, baroque flageolet, a variety of simple keyed flutes, clarinets, French bassons.  Some of these I perform upon, others are not currently in playing condition (or as in the case of the cornetto, I have no talent or patience for).

As a teacher, I focus on the woodwinds listed above, taking a special interest in the more specialised Bassoon and Recorder.

I conduct a variety of ensembles; the two principal ones being part of the Christchurch School of Music :

Christchurch Youth Recorder Ensemble

Christchurch School of Music Sinfonia

This page will also serve as a noticeboard and magazine for young musicians and instrumental teachers in Christchurch and New Zealand.  You are invited to offer information and links which will further the aspirations of young musicians.Contact me by email <forclift@ihug.co.nz>

If I inflict on you some of my creative writing endeavours, satirical and serious, browse as you please - take it or leave it.

Please feel free to provide feedback on this site by emailing me at forclift@ihug.co.nz

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